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Monogamy is also a sunnah

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    Re: Monogamy is also a sunnah

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      Re: Monogamy is also a sunnah

      Originally posted by AbuIbraheem. View Post
      Although its not one that is shunned today - in fact MOST Muslims men that are married only have 1 wife.

      So you don't need to encourage Monogamy, Polygyny on the other hand is a Sunnah that had been mostly abandoned today....
      yes, we can dream about 4 wives all day long but realistically just finding one is hard enough!

      peeps be fussy nowadays!


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        Re: Monogamy is also a sunnah

        Originally posted by علي View Post
        Monogamy by definition is the limitation of a person to having one wife.

        The Messenger of Allah :saw: never limited himself to one wife, he was simply married to one wife at a point in time. Even people who engage in polygamy, they have to marry the first one first, and it is very rare for a man to marry more than one at the same time. That's like saying it's a sunnah to eat an even number of dates on the morning of eid, not just an odd one, because if the Messenger of Allah :saw: ate an odd number of dates more than one, he certainly then must have eaten two at some point before reaching three. But that's incorrect, the sunnah is to eat an odd number only.

        The limitation to one wife, that is monogamy, is a concept recognized by Islam only in specific instances. Islam was revealed on a polygamous group of Arabs, and all it did was limit them to four, and one if they can't be just. Thus really all Muslims, even if they are married to one wife, are in their nature polygamous because we all say it's halal. The fact we happen to be married to only one wife at any given time does not change that.

        i'm confused too... if you're trying to say that we are polygamous by nature then yes this is true, but being mentally polygamous and physically polygamous are two very different things