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Don't be Sad...

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    Re: Don't be Sad...

    Originally posted by Jenicca View Post
    Another good one is " You can be the happiest woman in the World"

    I think its by the same author!
    Na'am, tiz awesome masha'Allah
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      Re: Don't be Sad...

      One's Iman fluctuates, sometimes it's tiring being told, dont be sad, have sabr, pray, it's a test etc etc when things can actually be made easy by people who cause us distress, without them realizing that they have caused a form of opression upon others, but this same people use Islam and so many other excuses to justify the distress they have caused upon others, but they dont realize how tormented those people feel. Allah make your affairs easy if you make the affairs of others easy, the same way, if you distress others, Allah will distress you in a way He wishes it, if not in this world it will be in teh HereAfter. Allah accepts the prayers of those opressed.
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        I know this is an old thread and may Allah reward the author for their efforts ameen


        I'm frustrated with how this book gives conflicting advice, it will literally say the complete opposite of something it said only a couple of pages before. Some of the stuff doesnt make sense or needs to be expanded on.