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Those men who have more than 1 wife..I SALUTE YOU

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    Re: Those men who have more than 1 wife..I SALUTE YOU

    It's a matter of choice. It's as simple as that.
    If you read this closely enough you might spot the secret message hidden in it

    Mr President, You Are Wrong


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      Re: Those men who have more than 1 wife..I SALUTE YOU

      Originally posted by MMS View Post
      paternity tests
      Ok, and now will you like to add something uselful that will help support the argument of men marrying more than one wife. I mean it is after all allowed in Islam, and a Sunnah.

      Jazaak Allahu khair.



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        Re: Those men who have more than 1 wife..I SALUTE YOU

        Originally posted by Lord Summerisle View Post
        Ratio of women to men high? Where? This is a very general statement, and offers no answer to the double standard I mentioned.

        Can you please explain this? In relation to the double standard, I mean. This works both ways. Greater risk of STD's if the man sleeps around, too. So, again, what has this to do with justifying polygamy for a man but not for a woman?

        DNA test. Once again, no answers to my questions.

        Why is a woman not entitled to be the one and only apple of a mans eye, his only love?

        Why is polygamy acceptable for a man but not for a woman?
        Hi Summerisle,

        Firstly, the reason why polygamy is acceptable for a man and not for a woman is because this is what Allah has legislated and He is the Creator and knows best the nature of that which He created.

        With regards to your points, then I'll address them below Insha Allah.

        1. It is a well established fact that there are more women than men in the world and this is constantly increasing. If you do a research on the number of babies born each year, then statistically, there are more female babies to male ones.

        What Ibn Khattab was saying was that if the idea of one man to one woman existed, then this would be unfair for the women, who would want to get married, will not be able to do so and so affairs and the sort will be rampant. In order to remove the indignity of this, Allah decides to honour the woman with marriage rather than being a dirty secret as is often the case with affairs.

        2. With regards to DNA testing, then you have to understand that Islam came for the past, not just the future. When the issue of DNA testing didn't exist, how would a woman, who had multiple partners been able to attribute paternity to a man. Where as on the other hand, a man would always know that this baby is his child.

        I hope this has cleared it up for you Insha Allah.
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