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    As Salamu Alaykum my question is in Islam can Men and Women that are, Low Class Income or Poor Marry can Disabled or Handicapped People Marry can; People unable to have Children or Procreate Marry thank you for your time ?

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    salam alaykum wa rahmat allah
    if the poor man can provide the poor women with shelter and food and give her rights and she agrees to live with him it okay .but she is not obliged to help him with her income because it the man who have the financial responsibility not the women but if she want to help him with her income there is no problem.
    handicap and disabled men can marry if they have an income so they cover the expenses of the wife. as for the woman it dosent matter as long as she is a muslim and sane she can marry if she want to no matter what physical disability she have .as for mentaly disabled people i dont think that they know what marriage is
    people who cant have children can still marry no problem however they should tell their partner about their issue before getting married and they should not hide it
    and allah knows best


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      Originally posted by truthseeker66 View Post
      As Salamu Alaykum my question is in Islam can Men and Women that are, Low Class Income or Poor Marry can Disabled or Handicapped People Marry can; People unable to have Children or Procreate Marry thank you for your time ?
      Walaykum salam yes poor and low income people can marry and did get married during the time of the Prophet (saw), in fact there is a hadith about one man who got married and he had no wealth not even an iron ring for his wife and her mahr was just the little bit of Quranic knowledge he had. If the poor man can maintain his wife in terms of feeding her, sharing his room with her etc and maintaining her basic expenses then they can marry. Sadly these days people make marriage difficult by holding huge expensive weddings, taking out haram loans to pay for them and so people on lower incomes find it harder to marry when Islam makes things easy and the Prophet (saw) preferred simplicity when it came to weddings.

      Yes disabled people can marry. Physically disabled people can marry as long as both spouses understand the limitations involved (eg if a wife is paralysed you can't expect her to do certain chores- buy a roomba if you want clean floors or hire a maid) and are willing to accommodate each others needs accordingly. A disabled person can marry another disabled person or can marry a physically able person.

      As for a learning disabled person with special needs (eg such as down syndrome etc) a lot depends on the extent of the learning disability. For example, sometimes a person who is a little academically slow with a lower IQ can marry if the person is lucid and able to think and understand enough to know what a marital relationship is and what is involved. Having said that though, there are certain conditions whereby a person is profoundly affected by special needs to the extent that he or she doesn't know what marriage is such as someone with a low mental age and the mind of a child. Such people may have physically grown to adulthood but have the mind of a 5 year old and such a person should not marry because Islamic requirements of marriage are that the husband and wife have reached adulthood and are lucid and clear thinking enough to know what type of relationship they're about to be part of.

      It is an act of cruelty to make someone get married who has such a child like mind, that he or she doesn't understand what a nikah is or what he or she is agreeing to. It is also very wrong to get someone married who has a type of mental illness in which he or she is not lucid, not in touch with reality and therefore is not in a position to give informed consent. Some people with certain mental illnesses can marry such as anxiety, depression and OCD because they can differentiate between reality and fantasy, but someone who has a mental illness in which they do not understand who they themselves really are or what they're doing- that would be wrong as it would be akin to forcing someone to marry without their own consent.
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        Poor, disabled and barren people marry all the time, alhumdulila.

        What you need to do is be 100% honest from the start and also understand and appreciate that you may not fit everyone criteria - and thats ok. We all get rejected for some reason or the other. Most people get rejected merely for shallow reasons - because we're not attractive enough to the other people. Then theres weird criteria like wanted someone very educated or wanting someone working in a certain sector or even wanting someone of a certain skin tone. Its not right but it does happen and we just have to accept that everyone on this planet has their likes and dislikes, their wants and want nots

        And sadly many people want children or belong to a culture where disabled people are harshly judged and therefore want someone able-bodied to keep their family happy or they want someone who can provide. It does make life harder for you if you have any of the three but it is NOT impossible to find someone, just harder.

        So just be honest. I say that because its becoming very familiar nowadays sadly to lie about certain things in order to find a spouse. People will either lie about their past, lie about certain things that they have done or are doing, lie about their age, lie about their issues, heck some even lie about having a spouse or children even. Thats how desperate some people are to get married that they will hide things and then the truth comes out after marriage, almost as if they think people can't walk away after marriage.

        So don't do that. Keep an open mind. If you're disabled inshallah there will be someone not shallow or judgemental who will happily accept a disabled spouse, or try finding a fellow muslim who also has disabilities. Likewise with being barren, be honest and then look for someone who also doesn't want children or is willing to adopt or has children already and doesn't want anymore.
        As for being poor - its important for a man to be making enough of an income to be able to provide for his wife and children with the basic requirements. Having said that our beloved Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) was poor when he married his first wife Khadijah but he was honest and because he was a man with amazing character and nature his wife didn't care and wanted him as a husband regardless of his lack of finances and was happy to support them. So again not impossible - but just be honest. Accept that many sisters might not like it (and thats their right) and inshallah find a wife who is willing to do the providing for you - and be sure to be the best husband to her and always appreciate her for it.