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How Should I move forward

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  • How Should I move forward

    For context:

    So how should I proceed? Does Islam allow me to ask for the girl's hand when I do have good career etc. Or do I still have to involve my family??

    If this does not materialise how can I move on. I feel I won't be able to love anyone else. I do not want to marry some paindoo girl my family finds in Pakistan. As they think all girls who grow up in West are inherently evil.

    I also feel that in Islamic society girls get away with any crime just because they are girls.

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    I do not think you should get married until you sort out your porn addiction and other mental issues.


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      Salaam bro,

      I don’t think marriage would solve your problems.

      You seem to have a lot of issues that you are not dealing with.

      Maybe it is best if you move away from your family . You need to get professional help with your addictions and your past traumas is affecting you a lot you must get treatment for that and heal from it .

      if the above is not dealt with there is no way marrying any girl will make your life better.

      May your duas get accepted and your sadness removed and the doors to Jannah is open to you and family. Ameen
      "Try to distance yourself from everything that causes you worry and sadness, so that you may always live with peace of mind and an open and tranquil heart, seeking Allah and His worship and working on your worldly and otherworldly matters, for if you try this, you will find rest.