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Should we just give up?

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  • Should we just give up?

    I don’t know if I’m posting this in the right section... to cut a long story short my husband and I are the victims of Sihr. We’ve not had an easy marriage. We used to argue like crazy over the most trivial things. Sometimes over nothing. Then it came to light that I was suffering from jinn possession. Alhamdulillah since then we started fighting against it and things got much better. Over the years we realised that we are actually the victims of black magic. The magic is ongoing and my health is getting worse again and I’m also pregnant with my third child. I feel like I can’t cope with the symptoms of the possession, the magic. And the crazy arguments just won’t stop. I pray to Allah daily to help us. I also do self ruqyah and have seen numerous raaqis, have had hijama done many times. I pray on time and do my adhkar.
    i feel like giving up, I can feel the evil presence around us, especially at night time and the arguments are getting worse again. I don’t have the physical or mental energy to keep fighting.
    any advice and duas will be much appreciated.
    ps my health record is clear and all scans etc reveal nothing wrong with me physically
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    Walaykum salam,

    Do you practise Islam and have an atmosphere of iman in the home? Fighting black magic isn't just about reciting a few verses to combat the darkness of some evil spells. It is about seeking the help of Allah (swt) to keep spiritual darkness away from your household and the first step towards doing that is ensuring you're practising your Islamic obligations, regular with your prayers, earning and eating what is halal, avoiding free mixing, covering the awrah etc. I'm not accusing you btw, just explaining in general terms that these should be the first prerequisites towards fighting sihr, THEN the second step is ruqya, adkar, hijama from a reliable practitioner etc.

    If you can get hold of it, then I suggest drinking zamzam and eating ajwa dates. If you can afford it then consider umrah or hajj.

    If you feel your marriage has reached the end of the road then my suggestion is wait until your youngest child is 6 months old and then decide what you want to do. I've heard that in pregnancy it is normal to have erratic feelings about relationships but then the same woman feels very differently after the child is born. So if you do feel the marriage is not in a good place now, give it time to make sure that is how you genuinely feel and not your hormones talking. Sorry if this sounds patronising it's just I've come across this a few times otherwise I wouldn't be saying this.
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      Aslammulakum . I seek Allahs forgiveness and I ask Allah to help us through marriage issues.
      I am too in this predicament regarding marriage , but dont seem to know if indeed it's due to magic and or only my actioms. Im committed to change. I have made a mockery with my tongue and have left my house many times. I loose Iman and very quickly loose the will to be a good muslim. I ask everyone to make dua that I am able to be a good muslim , a good husband and a good I fear I am truly failing. Please advise how I should proceed. Alhumdulilah for listening.


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        Yes alhamdulillah we do practice. Before marriage I used to feel so light and free and close to Allah but over time I just feel heavy within myself. I working on getting that spiritual feeling back and Alhamdulillah I did get that feeling back for a few months and I felt invincible against these shayateen. Nevertheless I kept praying and kept up with my adhkaar but the sihr keeps getting renewed and I can feel the presence around us and I try to ignore it as much as possible. I told my husband we both need to make changes but he seems to think that because I’m the possessed one it’s down to me to fight it.
        i drink zam zam daily and eat Ajwa and ask Allah to put cure in it. The harder I fight against the jinns the more they attack me and cause problems. I pray tahajjud and cry my heart to Allah to make it all go away. I do understand that I’m being tested by Allah and I pray for everlasting peace in the hereafter. I guess my husband is fed up and just wants things to be normal. I F don’t know which way to go now :(


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          Originally posted by ASIF Khan View Post
          Aslammulakum . I seek Allahs forgiveness and I ask Allah to help us through marriage issues.
          I am too in this predicament regarding marriage , but dont seem to know if indeed it's due to magic and or only my actioms. Im committed to change. I have made a mockery with my tongue and have left my house many times. I loose Iman and very quickly loose the will to be a good muslim. I ask everyone to make dua that I am able to be a good muslim , a good husband and a good I fear I am truly failing. Please advise how I should proceed. Alhumdulilah for listening.
          I ask Allah to cure you, also see a doctor to see if anything is affecting you physically/mentally.
          وَاقْصِدْ فِي مَشْيِكَ وَاغْضُضْ مِن صَوْتِكَ ۚ إِنَّ أَنكَرَ الْأَصْوَاتِ لَصَوْتُ الْحَمِيرِ - 31:19

          And be moderate in your pace and lower your voice; indeed, the most disagreeable of sounds is the voice of donkeys."

          أَلَمْ تَرَوْا أَنَّ اللَّهَ سَخَّرَ لَكُم مَّا فِي السَّمَاوَاتِ وَمَا فِي الْأَرْضِ وَأَسْبَغَ عَلَيْكُمْ نِعَمَهُ ظَاهِرَةً وَبَاطِنَةً ۗ وَمِنَ النَّاسِ مَن يُجَادِلُ فِي اللَّهِ بِغَيْرِ عِلْمٍ وَلَا هُدًى وَلَا كِتَابٍ مُّنِيرٍ - 31:20

          Do you not see that Allah has made subject to you whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth and amply bestowed upon you His favors, [both] apparent and unapparent? But of the people is he who disputes about Allah without knowledge or guidance or an enlightening Book [from Him].

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            Jazaka Allah


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              I heard one Sheikh speaking about when we just got married he found something strange on his front porch which we believed to be black magic.
              He threw it away and didnt mention to his wife and twenty some odd years later he is still married.

              Had he made an issue of it he would probably be divorced as the doubts etc would be cause for problems.


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                Sorry to hear about your situation but what exactly do you feel like "giving up" on? if you "don't have the physical and mental energy".. then just stop arguing? to be constantly arguing and rowing must take a lot of energy..why not just stop? do you have to open your mouth? can't you just let things be? just try and be quiet..practice relaxation techniques..look on youtube etc on how to be calm and relaxed and not have to scream and shout. suddenly you might find the "jinns" and "black magic" if by magic.
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                  Every time you have the urge to argue remind yourself that there is greater evil at play that wants you to argue, remind yourself that the shayateen and the purpose of the magic is to break your marriage so work AGAINST it. It is all about the mind, they are playing mind games with you and you must fight it! Anything it wants you to do, do the opposite. If you have a sudden urge to argue then read your dua and give your husband a hug instead, also lots of lovemaking will help, you need to strengthen the bond you have with your husband. I guess being pregnant doesn't help as your hormones all over the place but be patient sis, I know how it feels to have suffered for so many years, Allah SWT is testing us, we can fight this and we WILL fight this in sha allah. You need to start thinking positively and you need to constantly remind yourself that the purpose of the magic (sihr tafreek) and jinn is to separate you from your husband. Please please please I urge you to perfect your tawheed, look into tawheed (oneness of Allah) and educate yourself on it. I am not perfect myself, far from it infact, but I no longer get sad at my own condition because of my belief in Allah. I have an aashiq jinn and have been afflicted via magic more than atleast 3 times by 2 different people, to block my marriage. I struggled very badly and still am, but I am content because I know Allah is with me. Shift your mindset and you will see the difference

                  A few things that will help in sha allah:

                  (1) Abstain from committing sins as much as possible - No music, no smoking (not saying you do), no dressing up other than for your husband (infact do this regularly for him), read your salah on time. Don't go to any healers, Allah is the healer. Do not get angry, they LOVE anger so do the opposite.

                  (2) Burn some frankincense (louban) in your room, play the adhaan or ruqya when sleeping, this will help calm the activity in the room in sha allah.

                  (3) Read manzil twice a day, hand on your head or area of pain and read loudly then blow into water. In the manzil when you come across surah fatiha,ayat ul kursi, last 2 verses of surah baqara, surah ikhlas, surah falaq, surah naas, read these three times and spittle into water,olive oil and water to spray the room with the water. Apply the oil head to toe, paying particular attention to your nostrils, private parts,ears and nails on feet and hands (main entry points for jinn). You need to have a clear intention when drinking the water, applying the oil and spraying. The intention should be something along the lines of "Ya Allah destroy the sihr,ayn,hasad and jinn/shayateen, give me shifaa and protect me from all harm/calamities.

                  (4) DUA - do as much as possible. Read Surah Baqara every day. Read Surah Dukhan & Surah Muzamil 7 times each for 21 days - this is to extract the jinn, even if residing in the womb. You really need to keep going, I know how hard it is to fight your mind, trust me I have been fighting it for a long time too. Allah does not test you with something you cannot handle or deal with, this is a test and I would recommend you keep doing this especially for your children.

                  (6) Buy some camel milk and read over this and drink

                  (7) The shayteen/jinn can only get the energy from you, you may be committing sins that are feeding them or you may be indulging in something completely normal for you which will keep them running around your system for days. For example in my case I was eating a LOT of sweet stuff, 24/7 I was eating chocolate and when I was getting my ruqya done it became apparent that the jinns like sweet stuff and fizzy drinks.

                  (8) You need to weaken the magic and jinn which will only come through Allahs help and yourself.

                  Last but not least, you are not alone my dear sister, there are many in your situation and unfortunately the numbers seem to be increasing :( May Allah destroy the magicians, the ayn,hasad,sihr,jinns/shayateens and return them to whomever is responsible. May he keep us all protected from all calamities Ameen.