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Advice on fears about our potential marriage.

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  • Advice on fears about our potential marriage.

    I'm getting married to someone I've been dating for 7 months.

    He started speaking to me with the intention of marriage. He did say he didn't want to date but the way our relationship naturally progressed from friends to best friends and then love with the Intention of marriage - we spoke and met up and it progressed very fast. Although doing this before marriage is wrong, we repent and strive to become better Muslims.

    We share the same values and morals and reciprocate many things.

    Only a year older than me, He is only 25 and has a condition where his BP is very high, hypertension level. He is fine when he takes his meds but the doctors say this increases his levels of a heart attack or stroke.

    This news upset us both very much (5 months in). He is taking measures to improve this but can also be lazy with it at times. It is something that can be improved with a good diet and exercise. I was very sad but supported and stuck by his side and will continue on our journey to get married.

    Although, I have fears about our future...

    Ofcourse after a couple years of marriage we plan to have kids. My biggest fear is our kids not having their dad.

    I am someone who gets anxious easily and thinks of the worst case scenario. I have been advised that even the healthiest of people can die at any time depending on what's written.

    Does anyone have any advice for me?

    Am I being selfish for even having these fears?

    Is this a test or a sign?

    Thank you in advance for the advice.
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    Just pray istikhara...
    its not that your kids one day may not have a father is that high BP can limit him from doing many other things,so you should know all these and then see if you are able to cope with that or not...
    whoever leaves something for the sake of Allah,Allah will replace it with something better


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      Say you marry a perfectly healthy man and he goes to masjid and gets knocked down by a bus and gone?

      Than what??