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Ended haram relationship - need advice

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  • Ended haram relationship - need advice

    I was in a haram relationship and we both decided to end it due to it being haram. We had the intention of ending it and then repenting and staying out of contact with eachother and after 5/6 months we would tell our parents about eachother to make it halal and get a Nikah (wanted to wait 5/6 months to tell our parents as exams will be over and we want time to change and become better muslims and then do a nikah, he was also unable to tell his parents right now). I felt so upset that we broke up so instead of waiting 5/6 months I told my mum about this boy now. She has not met him yet but she does not want me to marry him whatsoever as I am only 18, not mature enough and fears that he may use me, she is also scared about his family (although not having met them) and fears they may not be good and may also use me, my mother has several reasons to why she does not want me to be with this boy, even though he has been really good to me, but we were in a haram relationship (too young to make it halal at that point) After the rejection from my mother, I spoke to the boy and told him everything, he completely understands and says he will respect my mothers decision and we decided that we will still break up and refrain from contacting eachother as we no longer want to keep sinning, HOWEVER he says that once he tells his parents in 6 months, he will come back to me and try to make it halal, once he is also a better muslim. I worry that my mother will still not approve. He says he will even wait years without any contact as it is haram and says he will wait for me until my mother allows it. I need advice. My mother is more wary of people and has major trust issues as she has not had the best experience in life.

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    ''i felt so upset''....if you loved him you would have been devastated....nobody who is in love breaks up and feels upset....i think you are only attached to him and if you stop contacting then in 6 months you will no longer feel me i have exp with heartbreaks.....only advise is that you should wait,live you life,and if you still feel for each other and you are good for each other then it will be shown and your family will approve it,if not then you are still so young...try to make yourself better and Allah will bring you someone better when the time comes....and stay away from haram relationships or getting close to boys,it brings nothing good in both worlds
    what does it matter who I end up with if it can’t be will always be my princess...