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did i do the right thing?

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  • did i do the right thing?

    salam alaikum

    i know this may sound a bit naive but,when you feel bad that feeling clouds your thinking
    I have started to interact with a nonmuslim girl when i was in a weak point,then she stayed in my life as a good friend because she was making me so happy,but then we fell in love with each other..she respects the fact im muslim,so we havent kissed or did zinnah eudhu billah,yet it is wrong,and i want to be a good muslim,so since i cant make her muslim and marry her,i ended it today for the sake of Allah

    im suffering a lot for breaking her heart,she is the most amazing person i have ever met,and even though she is astonishingly beautiful thats nothing compared to her heart which is 1000 times better than mine,i fell in love with that and that is not the kind of love that you expect to gain,rather i only want to give,i would give part of my heart for her if i could,id cut it in half and give it to her,id do everything for her,her happines is more important than mine,yet everything im doing now is suddently vanishing forever,letting her think i dont care about her,when my eyes look at her everywhere i see,and i would give everything to see her smile..i never thought id love someone so much,i dont even love myself so much...

    sorry took a lil long,but i just want to say that i am going through a lot against my own nafs,destroying something so beautiful that made me truly happy,and breaking my own heart with full conscious,just for the sake of Allah,He is the most important...and i only wanted some encouraging words tbh,if i did the right thing,cuz shaytan is telling me i have done a mistake and wont find someone like her again

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    You were never ready for KMWID
    Stop being apologetic to Kuffars!

    If I don't engage with you or reply to any of your question, it's likely because I find you racist and a total waste of time.


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      Wa'alaykumasalaam. I believe you did the right thing. Muslims should marry women who will raise their children to be good Muslims. She could not have done something like that and she would not have understood the importance of this either. She may have had a lot of good qualities but unfortunately she did not have the most important quality of all - Islam. So you made the right choice. Pray that Allah grants you a pious and loving wife.