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Submissive man for a dominant woman?

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  • Submissive man for a dominant woman?

    Salam Aleikoum,

    First of all I haven't found a woman jet, but I'm sondering... Is the following acceptable in islam as a submissive man? In short... I'm feeling very attrected to dominant and bossy woman. A woman that's likes to order, degrade and humiliate a husband and see and use me as slave, with other words, do everthing for her to make her happy, like cleaning, making breakfast for het etcetra.

    Can this be accepted in our islam? That a man is submissive for his woman?
    And see is only dominating in home, so not outside!

    Is there any couple that have also a submissive man and are they happily married?

    ​​​​​​Wat salaam

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    Wa alaikum assalam,

    There is nothing degrading (or even submissive) about a man that wants to cook or clean.  Our Prophet SAW was the best example to mankind and he swept the floor and mended his own clothes.  
    Personally I think the whole sub/dom culture is a sickness, regardless of who is playing what role and not something to be encouraged.  Allah swt blessed us with rights in our religion and a baseline of moral/social conduct, so why would we want to transgress these boundaries?   I believe that the one who seeks to be humiliated/degraded has some sort of unresolved issues that they need to seek help for.  Wallahu ta3la 3lam.