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Is marriage for Muslims in Western countries a lost cause?

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  • Is marriage for Muslims in Western countries a lost cause?

    I grew up as a Muslim in a small community in the USA, and every day its harder and harder to meet someone who is ready to marry. And i'm not alone, a large group of people I know who didn't marry young, have a hard time finding someone to marry as they get older.

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    It's not easy at all, the older you get the more difficult it gets to get married.¬* Some are not destined for marriage altogether.¬* Get married young if you're capable enough financially and psychologically.


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      Na its not a lost cause.


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        USA is awful when it comes to looking for a spouse. I have no advice other than making dua and moving to a place with more Muslims.


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          I;m already shy and women here in my experience, are more career focused (and I applaud them for reaching their dreams), my parents have always said something like they are going to find a wife for me? But where? Religious and Family values have been put on the hold. I know tons of people that haven't been married.

          I'm too invested here, I cannot just simply get up and leave.

          And there aren't too many Muslims here. As time goes by, we just stay & live in our box.


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            Not lost, but seems quite bad.