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Everything was fine in the first meeting. Now what?

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  • Everything was fine in the first meeting. Now what?

    Assalamu 'alaikum brothers and sisters,

    After 2 weeks of online communication supervised by her aunt, I met this potential and her family yesterday and went through loads of questions in a list. Basically everything matched and I had a good feeling/vibes/chemistry about her. Now if this is the case, should there be any more meeting between us? If so, what to talk about because everything that needed to be answered has been answered? Is it the time for her fam to visit my fam and then do khitbah? I'm a bit confused, please advise, kind people of Ummah (before the mod closes this just because he can). Jazakumullahu khairan.
    I'm on a strict time management regiment and have to limit my time online. Therefore I have to reply selectively. Please don't be offended if I ignore your questions. :jkk:

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    Does she know you're a modern sufi?