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Beautiful wife or average looking wife, which one?

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    Originally posted by Ya'sin View Post
    You are weak, because you're saying you'll get seduced easily by Miss A no matter how much of an evil witch she is.

    As for Miss Ugly, you can disrespect her cos she ugly ducklin, she can flush her head down the toilet for all you care.

    My thoughts?

    Just marry or pursue the one you find most attractive.

    Basically he's saying he has a brain malfunction because he cannot lower his gaze

    His post also shows he is a narrow minded materialistic individual that gets easily infatuated,

    Zero brains basically, sad and pathetic.

    جزاك الله خيرا

    "It does not befit the lion to answer the dogs."

    – Imam al-Shafi’i (Rahimahullah)


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      Originally posted by shehbazthakur View Post
      I have lets say 2 proposals. One woman is very beautiful (lemme call miss A) and the other one is averageish (lemme call miss B). Both are hijabi. Not much is known about them, except that they both come from good families.
      I am going to go with miss B. For one main reason.
      As pointed out in hadith and Quran, that women are the biggest temptation and trial for men. And Allah even commands us "let not your wives and children be a distract you from striving towards Allah".
      Many women get offended by being labelled as the biggest test for men but remember, its not that women are bad. But its because men are made weak and susceptible to the temptation. So its the evil present inside us men that make women a trial for us.
      Now if my wife is beautiful .... i might buy expensive gifts for her in order to please her rather than give sadaqah. I might miss salah in congregation in order to spend time with her. She might object to me going to congregation salah just to test me and see how i will react.
      And the hadith that when the male private is erect only one third of his wisdom remains.
      Im not saying im weak and i dont trust myself. But putting myself in a risky situation could be considered foolish. Its just that it would be easier for me to resist miss B if she tells me to cut ties with my brother or backbites about someone and i have to stop her or oppose her.
      I believe as a man you must have strength to resist your wife .... not to manipulate her but because youre the leader and you have to lead your family to jannah.

      Life is a challenge and i want to goto jannah. Am i being a coward? Am i not upto the challenge or am i playing it smart? What are your thoughts. Does a beautiful wife really have benefits?
      1. You know what's best for you and your personal weak points. If a "beautiful" woman will cause you all that then marry the other one.

      2. I highly doubt both are the same in their religious commitment. You said they are "hijabis" but I doubt both their hijabs are the same as well.

      I'd marry the one whose salah is better and the one who has better akhlaq regardless of their looks, as they both fulfill your minimum requirement in that department.


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        Originally posted by shehbazthakur View Post
        I have lets say...
        Let's not.