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Girl doing job and marriage getting into the issue.

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    Many thanks brothers for valuable information. Remember me in Dua after Namaz (Salah).

    I send apologies message to her father , girl on their mobiles and explain my point. I give them reference of hadis books where it is mention Allah like people who forgive each other. I have read many books of hadis to understand good behavior of the person towards other Muslim in different chapters.

    I paid for Mehr and Jewellery of the girl.

    I requested them to solve this issue using Quran and Hadis of our beloved prophet Muhammad sunna.

    The money they are asking work only in this world but if we solve this issue as per hadis our beloved prophet Muhammad sunna then Allah will give rewards for us and it will be helpful in akirat (life after death).

    Basically to show status and get respect from society fathers of girl spend money on marriage but boys family do not ask them to do so. Our beloved prophet Muhammad sunna says not to invest money on marriages for girl. Only boys needs to do Walima (Dinner) for the relatives and friends.

    When marriages do not work, girl family want the money they spend on marriage plus extra money. Once they get divorce girl get marry easily with another boy but revenge from girl family make boy and her family social abuse from society and financial problems as well.

    I told them I can put my hand on books of Allah and promise that I have not done anything wrong to the girl. If they have any clarification
    they we can have meetings with the help of Islamic scholars to find solution as per books of hadis.

    In the akirat (life after death) we have to answer all our action in this world to Allah. Depending upon our good deeds we will either go in Janna or hell. I am trying my best to convenience her father not to follow path of Saitan (Satan) and follow path of our beloved prophet Muhammad sunna.
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      Are they threatening to book you under section 498 ? Many women in India (especially Muslim women and their families) are known to abuse this law.

      For those who aren't aware, 498 is an Indian law intended to stop cruelty to women. It makes it a crime to be cruel to your wife or to your relative's wife. It makes it a crime to harass a woman to try to make her family pay a dowry. The law allows for imprisonment of up to 3 years and for a fine.

      But, plenty of women abuse it and send the husband and his entire family to prison on incorrect harassment charges or trick them into court in order to extract a huge sum
      of money from them. To avoid unnecessary legal hassles, the man's family agrees to pay the amount asked.

      OP, try your best to get community leaders and elders from both sides involved and settle the matter amicably.

      If any dowry was taken, be it in the guise of furniture, clothes etc, return it all back immediately.

      If you can, record proof of their threats and abuses, so that you also have evidence in case they drag you to court.


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        Assalamu alaikum brothers.

        Many thanks brothers and shehbazthakur for support and advice.

        Currently I am busy with my job work therefore not able to contact via whats app or phone with shehbazthakur.

        They have not mentioned the IPC section they will use. My relatives are in communication with them.

        They informed my relatives to pay money else face court cases.

        If they do the case and reject the offer to solve the issue as per Quran and Hadis of our beloved prophet Muhammad then I have to file case using the IPC section 384 (extortion ) and 506 (criminal intimidation), verbal abuse and answers to case as per their sections.

        One of my friend told to search lawyer who will take fixed fees for the case till case get finished. I don't have money to pay lawyers for each court date and other charges.

        I have not abused , asked the for money (dowry) or any other way harass the the girl , I am ready to put my hand on books Allah and swear.

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          Originally posted by zfk View Post

          I have not abused , asked the for money (dowry) or any other way harass the the girl , I am ready to put my hand on books Allah and swear.

          That's wonderful but will that hold up in court?

          You need proof as Twinking said. Also do these people not fear Allah, this life is not eternal, do they really want to risk it all for worldy assets.
          Women lost their modesty when men lost their gheerah..” .


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            I was surprise to know her father goes to 5 times pray and ask money in Saitan way instead of following path of Allah said in Quran and Hadis.

            In past he send daily hundred of messages on my whats app number about Quran and Hadis. I was feeling he is religious person.

            When we loose something , we have soft target , the anger and the revenge feeling takes people to follow the path of Saitan even they know what our beloved prophet Muhammad said in books and they go for 5 times pray.

            I message them that the money will benefit in this world but life after death don't require money. Invited them to follow path of our beloved prophet Muhammad.

            They want to take revenge and harm me. They will feel happy only after taking revenge from me.

            I believe in Allah and our beloved prophet Muhammad. They might succeed in this world because of women favoring laws but Allah will not forgive them in Akirat (Life after death)

            If I forgive their abuse , harassment and revenge towards me as per mention in the hadis books and they follow the path of saitan then I think Allah will do the justice with me.

            I am looking for any book or situation mention in hadis books like (Sahih al-Bukhari,Sahih Muslim many other books) where issues like this can be explain between husband,wife and interfering people (in-laws and relatives) .

            Or any related hadis of our beloved prophet Muhammad so that using book reference I can explain them path of Allah.

            I have explain and share photo of the page from hadis book where 1 chapter (20+ pages) explain sins of tongue. Most favorite task Allah like is control and prevent misuse of the tongue. We pray, read Quran and make dua using our tongue. Same way people abuse and misbehave when get angry use bad words using tongue.
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