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A Letter to My future wife

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    Well its all a matter of priority.
    What is more important. Nowadays everyone in this world is about ME ME ME.My dreams my goals. I sacrificed doing phd so i could take care of my mother. My dreams.
    Rasoolallah (s.a.w) said that in the matter of the duniya look at someone below you. I see the maid servants family. They eat only once or twice a day. Sometimes they dont have money so they eat only once a day. The husband working in a construction company got injured and will be out of work for atleat 6 months. They dont have money to pay the medical expenses. They have 3 children. See them and have shukr that we get to eat thrice a day. So if they work out of their situation then thats good. But many a times they work because they want a better lifestyle or "pocketmoney" , "identity" or "independence"
    . Id rather marry a woman from a poor family, with the courage and patience to handle uncertainties than a demanding entitled woman. Beauty fades away once the honeymoon period is over.
    it all boils down to intention and what you want from this world. If my wife is going to be too demanding .... then its a recipe for an unhappy marriage.
    . I make good money Alhamdulillah. There are other reasons why i am not marrying now (too personal to speak). But i believe that if you can earn to feed yourself and feed your wife and family, one is able to marry and should marry and shouldnt delay. Atleast thats how it used to be during the time of the prophet saw and the years to follow. Find a wife who is happy and grateful with little and she will be the best treasure of Allah after the treasure of iman.
    . Keep marriage simple and Allah will take care of all needs. Trust Allah on this. When i married my ex wife i got a HUGE raise before my marriage. A whooping 40% raise.
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