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Parents won't let me marry me fiance- feeling depressed ( advice needed)

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    Originally posted by Musbah View Post
    You know what gets me. It's always the daughter or son getting blamed for breaking ties because they want to marry who they want and find their happiness buts its always the parents and family that actually break the family ties because they don't accept their choices.
    Agreed. Although, sometimes it is the child fault, most of the time it is however the family that severs ties. I can imagine it being the most heartbreaking thing which is what im trying to avoid :(


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      Firstly I suggest cutting off all contact with your "fiancé". A situation bourne out of sin rarely leads to any good.

      Take a step back and think about the qualities and character of this guy that made you decide to marry him? Is he going to help you attain success in the hereafter?

      In this kind of situation, I personally would expect the boy and his family to make some effort with displays of generosity and get togethers to try and reassure the girls family that they will welcome her and treat her well. Their apparent indifference is somewhat of a concern.

      Unfortunately your dad let his emotions get the better of him, and now you are in a difficult situation. What if the boys family hold a grudge and make life difficult for you later? If this guy mistreats you will you be more likely to put up with it to avoid hearing " we told you so" from your family? marriage is hard enough without families cursing each other from the get go.

      Take this episode as an opportunity to bring yourself closer to Allah swt. Take time out and clear your head, make Allah and seeking His pleasure your priority, and not inappropriate texts with a non mahram.

      Without investigating this guys character and principles, it's hard to say if he is worth continuing with after all the drama. Both of you and your families need to reflect on your behaviours and learn to love and forgive one another for the sake of Allah if possible. If they don't then misery is to be expected.
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