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Showing interest in my closed husband

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  • Showing interest in my closed husband

    Salaam aleiykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    My husband doesn't tell me much about his afairs, and thats fine with me, we have a good relationship he just doesn't feel the need to tell me everything thats going on. Sometimes he will tell he he planned a trip with a friend a couple days before they leave and im okay with that.

    i only wonder if i should ask him more questions about what he does and when he does it, show more interest or should i give him his space, is he feeling like I'm not interested in him? Or is he happy with the space i give him?

    I was raised with parents that need to know every single detail of your life and they will ask and ask about your affairs and it annoys me so much that i don't want to be like that, im just scared he may feel like I'm not interested if i dont ask about his stuff.

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    Me personally, I don't think it is appropriate that he springs a trip with his friends to you a few days before he leaves. Giving him space is one thing, but this is abnormal. What if you had also made plans with him that contradicted his? Communication and transparency is key to a good marriage.
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