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Doubt About Marriage

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  • Doubt About Marriage

    Hello everyone,

    i am planning inchaalah to marry a girl ( we agreed that she will not work ) but i have a problem .

    in each time i try to talk to her parents and make it official something in live comes and make me doubt my decision .

    also i have a big fear of the future and have a very pessimistic outlook on it . i always fear that i will be fired from job or that the company i work in goes bankrupt .

    is it cautious to have those doubts especially if someone fear that his financial future is not so bright and not to marry or let it in the hands of allah and do it anyway .

    thanks a lot

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    Your provision comes from Allah and it has been already preordained. Now what you have to do as a Muslim is put your trust in Allah and make the effort to earn a living and not worry about things you have no control over. So don't let this waswas get in the way of your happiness.
    "When a man sees the road as long he weakens in his walk." Ibn Qayyim