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Addiction and extreme desire for women...please advise

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  • Addiction and extreme desire for women...please advise

    I am a shy and reserved person so I don't talk to anyone about everything.
    I am addicted to women and have extreme desire for them. This addiction is so bad it's nearly destroyed me, actually it has ruined my younger years. I don't know if my upbringing or experiences in past made me like this. I think and daydream about women day and night without stop. I was married but that only lasted 3 months, I wasn't married to an ideal woman. I more sexual and kinky than her, she was very conservative. I can't keep my gaze down. When I see attractive women I get so much desire as if I want to eat them. Most women I see or meet I get attracted to them instantly and they can tell. It's not just about physical intimacy someone to love. I don't care about anything else in life I just want women. Fasting isn't option for because I work. I believe Allah has given me a 2nd chance to change but I am not changing. This addiction and desire can destroy me and die as a non-believer. I have more to say but I will not waste your time anymore. Please advise me how to control it.

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    It starts with the gaze. So work on controlling it.


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      This is about self control, not marriage.