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Heartbreak Decree

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    Originally posted by Shiraze10 View Post
    Jazak Allah, that helped. Now I understand whatever happened was meant to happen in MY LIFE, even before I was born. No matter what, nothing would of worked out as Allah didn't want it to
    Never leave out Allah, whatever it is you are doing or intending to do. There is no success, in this dunya or hereafter, in any area of your life - that can happen without Allah.

    Life itself, is His blessing to you. Allah may have decreed someone else for you, or He may have not - and you may think something is not good for you, but with Allah is the best and He knows what is good for you.
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    He has created man from a sperm-drop; and behold this same (man) becomes an open disputer! (16:4)


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      Originally posted by shay5 View Post

      STOP IT. Allah didnt ask you to get into a haram relationship....
      we dont know if he was in a haram relationship

      all we know is he spoke to a girl


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        ok my bad he mentioned it in another thread


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          Originally posted by Shiraze10 View Post
          I want to know is getting your heart/life broken is written for you? In Islam, everything is written for you before the heavens were created, so u having your heartbroken, is that something that was written to happen? Before I was born, did Allah know I was going to fall in love with this girl and that she was going to break my heart for other guys as she wanted to get to know other guys as she wanted someone better as in someone who had a better job and better materialistic things? Did Allah know before I was born that she was going to come into my life and break me completely?
          Why did you create 2 similar posts? you posted this here and other one somewhere else. She run off to other guys because they have more better materialistic things, it just shows what kind of girl she is, a selfish and gold digger. To her you meant nothing, now your feeling sad because of her, wake up brother stop wasting your time.