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Husband mad I took our children 1 and 3 years old to my parents house for christmas

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  • Husband mad I took our children 1 and 3 years old to my parents house for christmas


    My husband is muslim and I am christian. We have agreed before we married that I would follow all Islamic rules and customs regarding being a wife. That means our children will be raised muslim and I can not teach them about Christianity. They are very young and barely understand much, so I thought it would be fun to bring them to my mum's house for christmas so she could see them. They also bought the kids Christmas presents. My husband was working on Christmas and was actually out of town so I did not really inform him first (He is a doctor).

    When he saw the kids in pictures at my parents house he was mad claiming I was trying going back on our arrangement. But I do not think just bringing the kids to my parents for christmas is a big deal. He basically wanted me to leave the kids at his sister's house and go alone. That is very emberassing for me as my family would wonder if the kids were still okay and stuff.

    how do I talk to him about this? If your wife was christian would you let her bring the kids to her parents house?

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    Do the visitation at other times that don't involve the holidays of Christians. My first wife was Christian while I was Muslim and I have been there and done that. As a wife that made the agreement before marriage, you come off as undermining him and being sneaky under the guise of it just happened to be at Christmas time when you took them to visit their grandparents.
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      Funny when these muslim men marry Christian women and think they will obey to a tee!

      I hate all these stories about parents having to throw their kids to someone else to suit someone else's rules. Come to some agreement...shouldn't be that can accept gifts from your parents but best not to visit on christmas day...
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        Originally posted by EmilyTheFlower View Post do I talk to him about this?...
        Talk about him on the internet behind his back. I'm sure that'll solve everything.