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Planning to get married in Morocco. Really need help.

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  • Planning to get married in Morocco. Really need help.

    Asalaamu Alaykum,

    I have known this forum for a few weeks now and have been reading threads anonymously. I thought I should register and make a thread now to discuss the issue I am currently having. I would really appreciate it if anyone has experienced this problem or know what needs to be done. I will try to keep it short.

    Okay, I am in the UK and she is in Morocco. We both know what papers we need to bring, I plan to go over in December in sha Allah to complete the marriage. There are no issues from her side so far, it’s from my side.

    The surname on my birth certificate has always been incorrect. It is missing a part. Parents did a mistake and didn’t bother changing it.

    Now, when growing up I decided to use my correct surname for everything. This includes my passport, NI card, driving licence, bills, payslips etc. The only document that doesn’t have the correct surname is my birth certificate, and I’ve found out this week that it is not possible to change.

    For me to legally change my name or for the government to recognise a name change I need a deed poll certificate. I can do this, it’s not a problem for me.

    The question is, will the Moroccan court or Ministry of foreign affairs accept this when I go over next month? Will a deed poll be enough? I know that a deed poll is accepted in the UK and takes precedence over any other document, but I do not want to go to Morocco and they say ‘sorry, you can not get married because the names do not match with the documents provided’.

    I really hope someone can help. I plan to go to the Moroccan embassy tomorrow to ask these questions, but thought I’d share my issue on here just in case. Will keep yous posted.

    Oh, for those curious, my surname on my birth certificate says ‘Haji’ and as we know this is not an actual name. It is a nickname/honorary title given to a person when they’ve done Hajj. Instead of putting the correct surname as ‘Haji [insert actual family name]’ or just the correct surname without the Haji part my parents just put Haji.

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    I mean I don't think you'll find anyone who can help you with that. Is it just a simple misspelling or like a whole other name?
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      A simple solution would be to draft up a letter explaining to the judge that you did not like your birth surname therefore you changed it. As it was on Birth certificate you had no control over but you did have control over you passport. Show him all the documents which have your new surname and mention you have never used your old surname.


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        This isn't a marriage issue.

        Go and see a solicitor and/or contact the embassy.