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Husband won't let me see my son

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  • Sister, the situation is very delicate.

    Your husband's brother is inattentive and uncaring towards your SIL. He is not bothered about their kids as well. When a woman's emotional needs are unfulfilled within a marriage, she tries to seek it elsewhere. She feels flattered internally if anyone compliments her or gives her a little attention because what she desperately craves is missing in her life.

    Meanwhile, your husband is at her home daily, you're absent from his life. He shares a friendly rapport with her. She is the one who takes care of his son, cooks meals for him, feeds him. These are things which softens a man's heart for any woman.

    Maybe they aren't cheating on their respective spouses yet, but there definitely are red flags. They enjoy each other's company & are comfortable texting and joking with each other. All illicit affairs always begin innocently.

    Shaitan loves to create divisions between a married couple and split up families. You see the pattern...two marriages are at stake here.

    I don't think sending him ahadith will make much difference. You both need to reconcile as soon as possible, so that you can nip that relationship in the bud. If you start living with him and your son moves in with you, he won't feel much need to go there as often. If he does, you insist on accompanying him. Just tag along, no matter how bothersome it appears to you. They won't cross any boundaries if you're present.


    • Since your husband stubourn Nd even ur relatives r helpless best solution is to approach a lawer .they will know how to deal. Usually the judge take the decision.Beside ur husband can not take the baby since ull be feeding for 2yrs .so the judge decicision will be favourable to u
      but lawer has to be paid .they won’t help for free .mayAllah guide u .aameen


      • Asalaamu alaikum

        Hope you are ok sister. Not sure if you have given birth but hope Allah swt makes the delivery easy.


        • ameen


          • If it's everything like you said,
            miss SiL is the problem.
            "Europe died in Bosnia and was buried in Syria. Bodies of innocent children washing ashore are the
            western civilization's tombstones"

            Rajab Tayyab Erdogan