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Proposals getting rejected because of the colour of her skin?!

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  • Proposals getting rejected because of the colour of her skin?!

    My sister has been through so much hardships whilst looking for a potential spouse purely because she has dark coloured skin. She has lost all of her self confidence, her self esteem, her dignity due to some lousy comments by the Indo/pak community and culture. All they look for is someone who is white skinned and skinny and pretty. It is so upsetting to see her in this state, it breaks my heart honestly. She now hates herself for being the way she is :(
    She is honestly one of the most beautiful people you would ever meet, so kind genuine, an alima, a primary school teacher. She literally has been blessed with nearly every aspect of her life. She has such a lovely personality. I just can comprehend why this is happening. This is 21st century RACISM! People are becoming more and backwards mided as our world progresses. Its absolutely ridiculous and I am deeply ashamed at the gujrati indian community. May allh guide them.

    Every one please make dua for her, she is now 26 years old.

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    That's just wrong. I would advise for her to marry out of that community. She can marry any guy as long as he's Muslim.That gives her a lot of options.


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      Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu

      think of it as sifting through the trash, any guy that wouldn't marry her because of her skin color isn't worth time

      inshaAllah Allah is saving someone special for her

      so sad to see muslims with this jahiliyah from the colonial days
      What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked Allah for yesterday?

      We worry about tomorrow as if its guaranteed