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What to do, wait for younger sis to marry before I do?

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  • What to do, wait for younger sis to marry before I do?

    Salaam Ummah Forum,

    Now I know are strong minded people in here so here it goes.

    Due to my circumstances, my dad said to me to wait 5 tears before I think about marriage. But I was thinking in that time my sister would be done from uni and be working but perhaps wants to marry.

    She is 10 years younger than me at the moment so by 5 years she is marriage age ready.

    Now recently went to dinner with to sister in laws friends family for the evening and one of the brothers asked if I'm married I said no and he said you going to wait for your sister to marry first and then yourself.

    I said if she's ready and wants to then yes. Told him I did look before but I can't think about marriage at the moment. Wanna focus on career.

    I'm not an out spoken person I do as people say.

    What should I do or just let it ride and get sister married.


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    I don't expect another marriage thread from you for at least five years.