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Mother causes “fitna” between my siblings

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  • Mother causes “fitna” between my siblings

    Hello everyone, sorry for positing this on “marriage” but this thread is very active. If you have read my thread in parents and guidance i talked about how i am 9 months pregnant and visiting my parents (just so i deliver my baby my father is overseas working and im with my mother and sister and brother ) after i deliver i will be go home and my mother is very awful with me even though she is a very religious muslim she seems to hate me and favours my siblings. Examples: she makes bad dua for me and my unborn child yet my brother who curses at her everyday she cries and does not make bad dua for him because she doesnt want god to punish him yet for me she makes the most awful dua against me and my unborn child so god hurts me. Also i clean the dishes after my self and when my brother doesnt she does not say anything yet she puts her frustrations from him ON ME and says nothing to him , she babies my brother (he 24 years old and acts like a spoiled child yet i am 20) my brother is not a muslim he says he has no religion he has no connection with god and always try to say stuff on how islam is all non sense .. im the only one in my family other than my parents who prays and i am a firm beliver of islam and always try to be a good muslim where as my siblings (brother and sister) are very brainwashed and westernized and dont pray or really have feelings towards allah (which i think cause my parents were not good people and did not teach us properly) i taught my self islam and became religious on MY OWN, also my sister is “engaged” yet its not official since she did not do a ceramony or “katb ktab” and she always brings him in our house.. and yesterday while he was over i made a comment about craving hummus and my mother started yelling at me infront of my sisters fiance saying i am so fat and need to stop eating and other hurtful things , i argued with her and said stuff back and immediatly she says bad dua on me (yet my other siblings she never says bad dua on them only me) and she got the hummus im craving from the fridge and threw it in the trash infront of everyone. She disrespects me infront of people. And tries to make my siblings hate me yet when i fight with my siblings and try to tell my mother she says she “doesnt want to listen to what i have to say” yet if they have a problem with me she yells at me and always take their side.. i have always felt like a black sheep in my family. I dont know what to do. Im 9 months pregnant and about to deliver my baby anytime now.. i cant believe i have to deal with family problems on top. Of marriage problems, everywhere i turn im dealing with pain and sufferings and im so tired of crying everyday.. please give me suggestions .. and give me some dua’s so i can repeat daily to remove oppression and sadness and hurt from my heart
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    Just be nice to them, keep smiling, and be patient. Inshallah it will pay off in the future.. Increase in thikr/quran/dua inshallah
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      It's not wise to post all your family problems on the internet.

      Also, wrong section.