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Marrying someone who smokes and curses.

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  • Marrying someone who smokes and curses.

    I have been talking to this prospect bride for a week now. Within a day of talking to her she confessed that she was 'addicted' to smoking and did smoke 3-4 packets a day for a brief period of time. Then her family members came to know and she was told to gradually slow and cut it down. Right now she does like once a month or twice when she's stressed because of her studies. Other than this she casually curses and swears amongst siblings or friends while talking. She listens to metal music and is a bit of aggressive in her stance.
    Other than this she practices hijab does her salah and fasts. She herself told that there are two major problems with her and she meant to cut them out for good irrespective of whether me and her happen or no. She listens to every reason I put up to her regarding these issues doesn't argue and assures me she will get rid of these habits.
    My observation of her
    1) The fact that she confessed and acknowledges that smoking is haram and that she needs to work on this and other issues is the only reason I'm still continuing to talk to her. Her family is very much inclined to Islam and know my family through generations
    2) She seemed a bit immature, erratic but is open hearted doesn't back bite and straight forward.
    3) She does understand the difference between halal haram and ready to accept the sunnah way gradually, very much against zina. Extremely caring towards animals, polite to talk to, does basic household chores willingly. seems excited and energetic all the time.
    4) I noticed that she would talk to everyone around her the same casual way with a couple of swear words without distinguishing between them.
    I'm really confused and some valuable inputs from you'll would really help me.

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