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Serious Advice and Help Needed

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  • Serious Advice and Help Needed

    AOA to everyone.
    I am in need of islamic advice on a particular issue that i am facing and is constantly bothering me.
    I wanted to marry a girl however my parents did not agree with me on this specific girl. My father recently passed away due to cancer, however before that i took my parents to visit the girl and her family. My parents rejected the girl i had chosen. There are multiple reasons for that (why my parents rejected the girl) some are mentioned below;
    1. The girl family does not match with our family (my family claim they are only interested in marriage to get financial benefits etc)
    2. The girl age is more (which is true, i lied to them about the age when i was convincing them to visit the girls house)
    3. The girl is not well educated (which is also true, i lied to them about education when i was convincing them to visit the girls house)
    4. The girl is not of good character (the girl was previously engaged with someone, i accepted her as it is, but the family claim she is already married to someone else, they say we know much better things which you do not know)
    5. The girls family does not have any relatives in Pakistan (my family is saying they did not want to disclose us anything regarding the same, when my parents asked about they said we have not one)
    6. The profession of girls father is dubious and so his character.
    7. The girls father made fun of our family when we visited them after 4 hour long drive (her father claimed that we had come on a broken car).
    8. The girls family did not let her sister come to meet us (her sister is suffering from a medical condition and she is not in proper frame of mind) my parents say there is something wrong with the family.
    9. The girls family also did not let us in the house except the lounge (which was also not clean). They stopped my mother from going to the other room to offer her prayers.
    Due to these reasons and some others my family think the girl is not good for me. my father died due to long term disease cancer and now i am the only one left to support my mother.
    my mother wants me to marry a girl who is educated and good family. she does not want any financial benefits etc. she is saying that the girl should be also younger than me.
    i know the girl for quite some time, however i never visited her house etc. In 2015, she was heart broken due her failed engagement and started to talk to me more and more. Although i had no interest in her, i decided to comfort her and lent her support whenever she wanted. i did not meet her till till almost a year later. Here i made it clear if we were to meet in future it would be a halal relationship and possibly marriage. However, she did not want to commit to me at that point. however, we used to exchange texts and phone calls regularly. By start of 2017, she wanted me to come and meet her more and more. i did not want to meet her because i wanted a halal relationship. however, she started to fight with me on this and wanted to meet her more often. So i met her and even gifted her presents etc on her birthday. Later on the following things happened.
    1. We used to fight alot and she did not trust me at all.
    2. Due to this non trust issue she even called the police station once.
    3. She wanted my facebook login and password. i gave her the password. She started to download my family and relatives photos etc.
    4. Once due to some trust issue, she even message my colleagues and friends etc. She said she would expose me infront of everyone. however, GOD knows i did nothing wrong and wasnt cheating her. This happened one week before my parents visited her.
    5. Despite all the trust issue, i was hanging on and she would apologize later.
    Despite all this the girl wasn't taking care of herself and during the two years she gained alot of weight. I would constantly ask her to started some diet but she didnot.
    So considering the facts i know, the trust issues and my family arguments, i decided to not go forward in this marriage.
    The girl is still after me although a period of one year has gone. she regularly tries to call and message me. I have blocked most of her numbers. She wants me to marry her and reject my parents advice. Although i donot myself feel safe and comfortable with her anymore. I have told her to move on but she is not letting me go.
    Please tell me what to do. i am tired of the girl her antics and also dont want to do anything that is un islamic. I pray 5 time a day. I have never hurted anyone in my life. I dont want to hurt anyone even this girl. Please advice me what i should do i am scared of her attitude. She tries to get into my twitter mentions. She even threatens me that i am doing something that is un islamic that i have left her. Recently, she created my facebook page and also send it my office and colleagues etc.
    Please tell me if i have done something which is un islamic?