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Am I allowed to marry her?

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  • Am I allowed to marry her?

    As Salamu alaikum.

    Im currently not that religious, I don't pray regularly. I wanna change that in the future. I "fell in love" with a girl, she accepts my religion. She was born christian, but she doesn't really title herself as one. She beliefs in god but doesn't title herself to one religion, she is very open minded. Now I heard that you can marry People of the books, and also read you can't marry a polytheist, but she is not? Am I allowed to marry her?
    I mean of course I'm trying a way to make it work. But if I really have no choice I would not marry her.

    Thank you all.

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    You need to fix your salaah. I know you came here asking for advice about marriage but compared to the importance of salah that's irrelevant

    Shaitaan was cursed because of not prostrating to Adam alayhis salam and that was a sajdah of respect what punishment do you think is waiting for the one that refuses to prostrate to Ar Rahman

    On qiyamah if you see the tremendous reward and forgiveness and mercy prepared for those who establish their salah you will give anything to come back to this world and be of those who pray but then it will be too late

    Brother you need to sort this out now. You don't let Shaitaan come to you and say oh I will pray later procrastinating. You need to fix this now

    Go make wudu and pray whatever salah it is right now in your locality (download a prayer times app on your phone if you have to)

    Trust me you'll feel heaps better InshaAllah
    May Allah make it easy for you to fulfil your salah
    What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked Allah for yesterday?


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      If she doesn't call herself Christian and doesn't title herself to a religion, she probably isn't Christian bro. And to be a people of the book, you need to be Christian or Jewish.

      Work on your religion like Eesa said above bro and then find a Muslim girl to settle down with. Having a wife with the correct beliefs is important, for one remember your wife is is going to be the mother of your kids and she will have some amount of influence on them too. It's better for your kids to have a good Muslim influence from both parents.