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Revert sister wanting to get married

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    The brothers list really wasn't so impossible to attain, and honestly any good Muslim would be doing all of those things as a basis. But I will agree that most Muslims not just Western Muslims failed to adhere to even the basics.

    But remember that Allah said that there will be a large host of the former people and only a few of the later people who will ever attain Jannah.

    In the meantime the people who come up short still need to be married and still need to at least try, so instead of posting a wall of rules and strict policies that most people just look at, roll their eyes ,and never even try to do, you could try just answering her question. Not every Muslim will attain Jenna immediately but it is better to be married than unmarried.

    The Imam can wali for you or any believing male in the community or your family. He does not need to be the best of humanity, simply make sure he is of sound mind and morals.
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      I think i scared her off