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How did you make your marriage work(for married bros and sis)

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    How did you make your marriage work(for married bros and sis)


    I thought its a good idea that some of us share our efforts and lessons in making our marriages successful and how to get through some hurdles. I can start with mine,

    Marriage has taught me to be more patient and forgiving to other person's flaws and look to my own. At the same time, it is sometimes necessary to defend your right and communicate clearly.. A sincere wife will realize her mistake. Some brothers dont react proportionally in marriage.

    Somethings need introspection(may be I am wrong), somethings needs overlooking(she is wrong but lets forget it), somethings need a naseeha(look you did not do good to me on that issue), somethings need warning(you need to stop behaving like this and fear Allah) and yet somethings may rarely need symbolic force as sanctioned in Islam without being abusive but for most normal couples, things dont go to this level.

    Marriage has taught me.....

    Oh wait, not there yet.


      All I can say is patience and understanding. You have to communicate EVERYTHING. My personality is to snap when my husband doesn't agree with me, but I now realize, I have to step back, and talk through what I'm feeling. There's no point in starting drama... which can drag on for a very long time :P


        Marry for the right reasons for Deen and Akhlaq and you won't end up in disaster إِن شَاءَ اَللّٰه

        "It does not befit the lion to answer the dogs."

        – Imam al-Shafi’i (Rahimahullah)


          I would say something but i cant