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Why are foreign parents so against marrying outside of culture/race?

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  • Why are foreign parents so against marrying outside of culture/race?

    There is a Muslim marriage crisis in the West, and I feel like the problem exists due to Westernized Muslim parenting. They are too demanding and set the standards extremely high. The one thing I don't understand is why foreign parents are so against their children marrying outside of their race/culture/tribe/village, even if said person is Muslim? I see it all the time and to be frank, the concept is brain dead. They will reject a good person for their child just because they're not from the same country and this can have detrimental effects in the long run.

    It's the 21st century and we Western Muslims live in a melting pot of different cultures. Parents need to understand this. Yet, the cycle continues. Pakistani parents demand Pakistanis, Ethiopians demand Ethiopians, and so on. It doesn't apply to every set of foreign parents but I feel like it applies to a good amount, if NOT the majority. They are very strict regarding this. I understand why people prefer to marry within their culture but it shouldn't be a necessity. There's a difference between a preference and a NECESSITY.

    Not only is it haram to deny a good Muslim due to cultural differences, but it doesn't make any sense. Think about it... It's already hard to find a Muslim in the West, you're making it even harder by narrowing it down to ONLY a man/woman of the same "whatever." It's nonsense.

    We all know the majority of Westernized Muslims are unable to marry somebody straight from their parents' country, wherever it is, simply due to differences in the mindset and upbringing between the 2 nations.

    And I feel like most parents understand this but still expect us to find someone from the same culture that was also raised in the West. So if you're Pakistani American, they want you to marry a Pakistani American.. if you're Bengali, gotta also find a Bengali American. No excuses.

    Well, what if we can't?? For whatever reason. Then we do what? Marry a good Muslim of another culture, correct? Would you rather your child be single or for them to marry a good MUSLIM, even if he/she is not from the same country as you? Ask yourself these questions. Stop focusing on the irrelevant.

    Honestly, I think parents are a big part of the blame concerning this ummah marriage crisis. They are too picky for the wrong, and stupid reasons. It's hard to get married nowadays, stop making it even harder by setting all of these requirements concerning culture.

    Find a good Muslim and a good person, point blank period, who is compatible, stable, and whom you are physically attracted to, other factors are quite irrelevant.
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