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are muslim military members considered undesirable when it comes to marriage

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  • are muslim military members considered undesirable when it comes to marriage

    even if they had a non combat oriented job. like a doctor, engineer, or a lawyer.

    would yall decline a marriage offer from a potential who was in the military. specifically western militaries, like the US, British and etc.

    i made a thread about people joining to avoid debts, and etc. awhile ago, and eventually decided to talk to a sheikh about what i asked. Summed up response was that it mostly depended on what you were doing in the military.

    Part of me was thinking that the 5K plus military memebers in the US military would have a tough time finding a spouse the islamic way since they have a history in the us military.

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    If they were in the western military then, of course, I would decline. Even if you are a doctor, engineer or a lawyer, you are still helping people who kill Muslims.

    Asides from that, even if they were in a Muslim country I still wouldn't want to marry them. It's too much stress. Here in the UAE, people are actually going to war and dying now and there is just this sad, gloomy feeling over everyone because of it. Local men who fail grade 12 here must join the army so the kids are very stressed out and are scared all the time. Its just a sad situation and I wouldn't want to be with someone who put me in a situation like that. I'd just be so afraid of him dying all the time. Sure he would die a shaheed but I would be alone and I don't want to deal with that kind of loss. And even if he doesn't die, he could have PTSD and I wouldn't want to see my husband be tortured by that.


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      A man in any haram profession is completely off-putting for me. My husband needs to be a role model for our future children and there are loads of halal ways of earning money, tbh it would be more realistic for an unemployed to ask for my hand in marriage :/ That being said, there are many people for whom this would not be as important but I would still suggest to avoid it if you can.


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        So are these soldiers and veterans who are Muslim basically screwed with having terrible chances of finding a spouse?


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          If they are in a western army then they are screwed because they are in it.

          The army isn't your only option for work. try to find something else to do or somewhere else to work. Don't make Allah mad by joining it. I am sure your options seem very limited at the moment but have faith in Allah and pray that he gives you something better.


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            It goes back to halal and haram after all, no1 wants to feed his kids from haram. This guy working to serve the killings of other muslims clearly has zero islamic aqidah, and im never considering someone with poor understanding of islamic fundementals. This applies to all military armies out there, only the fighting for the sake of Allah is permitted. Which country out there rules islam so that one can fight to protect it? None.

            Dont let hunting after money cloud your thoughts. If u dont drop this because u recognise why it is haram, then u really have a far bigger problem in ur islamic aqidah. (In fact, u obviously have poor aqidah, questioning whether u'll find a spouse in a haram job, rather than questioning whether Allah will accept u in heaven living and choosing haram, is the most laughable thing to read!!!)
            * typing from my phone, excuse the mess