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In some countries, breaking a promise is punishable by death..... help

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  • In some countries, breaking a promise is punishable by death..... help


    I hope peace finds you all.

    I have a few questions on marriage topics:
    1. I was previously engaged but I broke it off. Should i make this known to the suitors?
    2. A friend has a suitor for his sister and will need to check him out. what sort of questions should be asked?
    3. should i ask about a girls past/ sexual history and if yes, how do i do this?

    Advice from people who have been in similar situations would be useful.

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    I don't think it's necessary for you to tell them about your broken engagement, it's not like you were married.
    إن الصلاة تنهى عن الفحشاء والمنكر


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      If he has found someone for his sister, than he needs to check among the obvious things, is he fulfilly his basic Islamic obligations i.e does he pray his 5 times daily salah, pay zakaat, fast during ramadan, try to verify his manners & character, does he act according to the sunnah of the Prophet :saw:

      I'm sure others can add stuff, but important stuff like that..
      Allah is always watching [VIDEO]

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        1. No need to.
        2. Like Mikha'eel said, but make sure she is not a deviant innovator of some kind and has proper Aqeedah.
        3. I want to relate a story from the book: "The Biography of Umar Ibn al-Kattab" by Dr. Ali Muhammad as-Sallaabee that will answer this question, Insha-Allah:

        "A man came to Umar and said, 'I had a daughter whom I buried alive during the pre-Islamic time, then we dug back up before she died. She was made to know the meaning of Islam and embraced it. Then she did something that deserves one of the legal punishments of Allah. She took a knife to kill herself, but we caught her when she had begun to cut some of her veins. We looked after her until she recovered, then she repented sincerely and now some people are proposing marriage to her. Should I tell them what happened?' Umar said, 'Would you deliberately disclose that which Allah has concealed? By Allah, if you tell anyone about her situation, I will make an example of you to the people of all regions. Marry her off as a chaste Muslim woman.' "

        And Allah Knows Best.
        The Prophet s.a.a.w warned when he said: "You will surely follow the ways of those who came before you, in exactly the same fashion, to the point were they to enter the hole of a lizard, you too would enter it." It was asked of him, "O Messenger of Allah s.a.a.w., do you mean the Jews and Christians?" He replied, "Who else?" (Bukhari and Muslim)