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Interested in participating in PhD research on Islam and divorce?

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  • Interested in participating in PhD research on Islam and divorce?


    My name is Anisa Buckley. I'm a PhD student in Islamic Studies at the Asia Institute, The University of Melbourne, and my project is on Islamic divorce and Muslim women. The purpose of my research is not to promote the idea of divorce among Muslims. As it is a permissible (if detested) option for couples who can no longer live together, the aim of my study is to investigate the avenues and support available to Muslim women in Britain and Australia in their attempts to gain a divorce either through Islamic or Western laws or both. It will explore the challenges that Muslim women face in their experiences of divorce, and the way they overcome these challenges.

    My research in Britain involves interviewing Muslim women who have been through divorce here, as well as representatives from organisations who provide support for Muslim women. I will also be interviewing Imams and members of the British legal profession that are involved in Islamic family law cases. I am in the UK from September to December 2006.

    It is expected that an interview could be up to an hour long, depending on the discussion and involvement of the participant.

    Participation in this event is purely voluntary. The interview will be audio-taped so as to ensure an accurate record of the topics discussed, however, I can change all personal details in the written transcript if the person being interviewed wishes to be anonymous.

    If you or someone you know might be interested in participating, please contact me either via email or my mobile 0790 3794 789.

    Jazakullah khairan :)

    PhD Candidate (Arabic and Islamic Studies)

    Visiting PhD Researcher
    Royal Holloway, University of London

    Centre for the Study of Contemporary Islam (CSCI)
    The Asia Institute
    The University of Melbourne
    Victoria, Australia 3010

    [email protected]