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    Re: Istikhara

    Originally posted by islam..~*^rules View Post
    wat if u hav them regularly then!!!!
    i have some horific nightmares. especially for the last few days and its really troubling me sleeping!!!!!!
    i dnt feel like going to slp but if i dnt go to slp ow will i get my rest!!!!
    i woke up 2day after a really terrifying nightmare but when i finally went back to slp i missed sehri cz i couldnt wake up!
    read ur duahs and adhkar, sleep with reciting three quls three times and ayat al qursi and surah fatehah, and also the last two ayahs of surah baqarah and also the duah of sleeping, sleep in a state of wudhu, sleep on ur right hand side, read the duah of sleeping, inshallah ull be fine, if ur not increase ur ibadah and ur taubah, if still not fine consult an alim u might have some sehr or something naudhubillah...
    And Allāh has set forth an example for those who believe, the wife of Fir'aun when she said: "My Lord! Build for me a home with You in Paradise, and save me from Fir'aun and his work, and save me from the people who are Zālimūn

    There is no nobility in anyone who lacks faith.

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      Re: Istikhara

      frnd cn u read ma post and reply plzzz..


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        Re: Istikhara

        This is in regards to Istakhara....
        when you are reciting the dua and it comes to the point where you should mention your needs can it be more than one or does it need to be a precised need in order to have a clear answer? Also can you perform istakharah again even though you have performed one but is asking for a different need but has not got the previous one answered or had a feeling or dream?


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          Re: Istikhara

          Woah, I got a bit taken aback seeing my old username pop up after all this time lol. Alima my understanding of the issue is that you're supposed to mention one specific issue during the istikhara so as to not overcomplicate it. I don't know about how to approach istikhara in the context of asking about more than one thing at a time- Allahu alim.

          Anyway, in case you lot don't know (or had missed the 'no longer engaged' thread I wrote regarding the end of this particular rishta chapter)- I think it's only fair I mention the outcome of that istikhara all those years ago. Basically as I'd mentioned in the OP it was in regards to someone I was considering for marriage. I should point out that my friend's istikhara turned out to be correct (although I hadn't realised that at the time of writing the post- it took several months before I began to realise things more clearly). The brother came across as practising and very nice at first so me and my family were impressed and possibly blindsighted by that. It took a while before I realised that he appeared to have commitment phobia issues.

          I have also since found out through a mutual acquaintance that about a year ago he was engaged to another sister and handled that rishta situation badly as well. Basically he called everything off about a day before the wedding was supposed to take place. His reason was that he believed marrying her would be "bad for dawah". Allahu alim I don't know the sister but tbh after all I'd learned from knowing the guy myself this didn't surprise me and confirmed my own suspicions about him. The person who told me all this said that maybe his reason was genuine and I should give him the benefit of the doubt, but I can't help but think if she really was bad for dawah, why consider her in the first place? And why choose the day before the wedding to call it off?

          Needless to say next time I or my trusted friend attempt istikhara, I will be taking the results more seriously. My decision to ignore the negative feelings she had I guess was wishful thinking on my part. Oh and btw, I have no regrets about the fact that I never married him- if anything I feel I had a lucky escape.
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