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Will you send your kids to school this fall amids Corona?

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  • Will you send your kids to school this fall amids Corona?

    I hot topic where I live in USA which failed to control Coronavirus. question to the parents, will you send your little ones to school this fall or will you keep them home & try your best to home school/enroll them in virtual class..etc?

    None parents can answer too

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    Homeschool! Well we are homeschoolers already so no difference.


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      UK parents dont have a choice, they have to by law or face a hefty fine


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        I won't go to school amdist this. Or, I'd go like one-two times a week. Pakistan's managaement is trash and there is no insurance of quality of education, let alone health amdist the pandemic.

        They are still considering whether to open or not, if they decide to open they're asking for a calamity to befall the nation. They say they'll do it if enough schools follow the SOPs, but there's no enforcement in this country, if they decide to do it they're only fooling themselves/purposely driving the nation to it's doom.
        "When you want to cry, laugh.
        If you're frozen in fear, you can't do anything"


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          If a vaccine comes, we will think about sending our children to school or not. Currently, online classes are running from home, Coronavirus has spoiled everything.