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Looking for Muslim Au Pair/Nanny in London

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  • Looking for Muslim Au Pair/Nanny in London

    I am 37 years old with Masha’Allah blessed with twin girls at current age of 3 months plus
    I reside in Dartford that is approximately 30 minutes away from East London (Ilford/Walthamstow/Redbridge borough) and 40 minutes away from central London

    In the household me, my husband and girls reside. We have no pets. There is no alcohol in the house or any items for that matter that are forbidden in our religion. We eat only halal.

    My husband works full time in Canary Wharf mon- fri as a IT Support Service Desk Manager and myself is currently on maternity leave and work for the Independent School Inspectorate as Sales Consultant. Being blessed with twins I do not endeavour to return to work.

    I am looking for someone whom will become part of Masha’Allah our grown family and be a family member with us. A sister to both me and my husband and an aunt to the girls as oppose to an au pair for as long as we require and for as long as she wishes to stay.
    we do family visits to my mothers in Hounslow and to my in-laws in Ilford she would also be welcome to come. We have no plans for holidays yet but should we go, we would love for her to join us.
    Household duties such as cleaning washing folding clothes ironing and cooking would be needed and appreciated along with helping me raising the girls. Ideally someone whom can speak Arabic as well to teach the girls, as we are Pakistani decent and are currently teaching them Urdu. A practising muslimah would be ideal.

    We offer a bedroom with a double bed and wardrobe and dressing table. Should you have a driving licence we can also insure you on the car.

    Insha’Allah look forward to hearing from interested sisters.

    ‎السلام عليكم‬

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    Sister it’s clear you have a big heart, MashAllah. May Allah keep you blessed in all ways. I hope I do not offend you in asking, have you taken advice on how a nanny / au pair arrangement should work in a Muslim household? I can see that you have given great thought as to how you would make your many feel part of the family. I have given thought to taking on a nanny too but my fear has always been whether I am able to ensure her time around my husband and older sons would be appropriately restricted. How have you overcome or addressed this? Your advice is much appreciated InshAllah.