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Teens and smartphone

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    Btw, on the radio they were talking about an app called

    (pronounced "i kids")
    Apparently it's really good for parents who want to regulate their children's usage of phones and the internet. It can be used to block unwanted sites, for internet access to be switched on and off between specific times of the day and a number of other things like that. The presenter asked if kids could just disable the app and he said that they can't do that on an android but they could possibly do that with an iphone because Apple do not allow apps to have as much control over a device like that so he was upfront about its limitations but I still thought it was worth mentioning for concerned parents who might find it useful.
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      important point is, what kids would do with a SMARTPhone?
      Before that, what exactly is a smartphone?
      The phone which gives you all way of communication, mainly through Internet (or data switching).
      Why a kid or teen need all those communications?

      1. to keep their friends connected All the time.
      2. to find a virtual space to present themselves
      3. a private equipment to keep their traces private (from known people)

      None of these really helps to build the life and career. Besides to trace your kid / teen, a simple non-smart phone is well enough.
      Yes, that's correct a lot of apps (e.g., language learning) provides content to really learn something good/important, but what percent of kid/teen really do install them?
      Beside those, they are continuously traced by big companies, and definitely those information are sold to others. Along with their social networking presence may put them in risk.
      Just one example Instagram have few dangerous vulnerability, through an expert in IT could open backdoor and get access to a profile. So consider one your young daughter, whose 3/4 years profile been hacked, and now threatened to upload faked nude in the profile, if not doing something.

      A movie (searching), would be an example of such situation.