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    Assalam alaykum,

    I'm very new to this forum.

    I am a single mother of a 3 year old son. His father comes and goes but is not a practising Muslim, the main reason we are no longer married. Due to this it will be my responsibility to make sure he becomes a good Muslim.

    I'd like to know at what age I can take him to mosque. I am new to the area I live in right now and don't know many people here.

    Thank you.

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    May Allah reward you for doing the right thing and leaving a husband that doesn't practice Islam. I would say that the age is when the child can know when to be behaved and not a distraction to worshippers surrounding him or her.
    "When a man sees the road as long he weakens in his walk." Ibn Qayyim


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      in terms of taking to the masjid whenever u want
      even a 3 yr old can see people pray and will imitate them
      i see brothers take their kids at this age

      in terms of actual classes maybe like 5


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        start teaching him arabic from 2 or 3 hel pick it up slowly
        always keep quran and read infront of him and pray infront of him
        dont let him watch those kids prgrammes like disney and cartoon network
        they are messed up and contain bad messages as well fantasizing zina and magic(shirk)


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          3 years old is a time when they start to pick up on things more. Even if he doesn’t fully understand what you are talking about, talk to him about Islam and halal and haram from now and always try to relate everything you say to things in his life so he can remember them. Eventually he will catch on. Kids will surprise you with the things that they remember.

          Honestly you can take your son to the mosque whenever, but try to teach him the proper mosque etiquette before hand. He may not get it but it sets a good foundation for his future.

          In the school I work at, the vast majority of kids are Arabic speakers but they are already memorizing the Quran and entering Quran competitions at the age of 4-5. If your son only speaks English it may take him longer but now is a good time to start. Kids are sponges, they absorb information very quickly but they also forget things just as fast so be consistent. As someone who is surrounded by 5 year olds all the time, I will say that for a while it may seem like nothing you do will make them learn and your just beating a dead horse, but once they are 5-6ish (could be earlier) all your efforts will have finally culminated and it will actually start to show. But you need to put in that time when they are younger. Just be patient and with him and constantly talk to him about Islam.