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Update....dua/prayers neded for husband

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  • Update....dua/prayers neded for husband

    Salam Alaikum!!!! Jazak'Allah Khair!!

    I wanted to thank everyone for thier duas and prayers for my husband. For those who don't know........My husband has extensive spinal cord damage. He h every disk except the top one is eithher buldging,herniated,compressed and he has 2-3 crushed disks. That was only the beginning he also has extensive nerve damage as well as reflex sympthetic dystrophy syndrome and ankylosing spondylitis which leaks calcium and cause the spine and other joints to leak calcium and fuse the spine.

    Now for the update................. Husband went to the BEST bone and joint specialist who had diagnosed my husband with ankylosing spondylitis. well a few weeks ago I had to call an ambulance because my husband was having chest pains. So I made an appt. with the one that diagnosed him. We go there they did xrays and lab work. I went down to the car didn't want to hear more bad news. My husband comes down with a smirl on his face!! He got in the car. Said I got good news. The clinic had been looking nation wide for someone with Ankylosing spondylitis with the extent of damage my husband has for 2 years!!! The FDA is doing a clinical trial and my husband is a perfect canadate for this study. And we think medicare will cover this treatment. What the deal is. Is that they will be giving him and old chemo therapy called Methtrexate as well as folic acid. But the doc said that 70% went into complete remission. The other 30% showed significant improvement. They just don't know what he long term effects will be. The key drug is Rimicaid for Rhuematoid arthritis. My husband will have to go to the city once a month and have rimicaid ran by IV drip for two hour's!! This has been the new's we have prayed for!!! Marh'Allah!!!!!!!!!My husband my be helpinghunreds or thousands!!!! SHOKRAN for everyone's duas and prayers!! :ahb: Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa Billaah!! Bismillah May Allah grace you all with Peace, Merci and Many Blessings!!! Amen! :ahb: :lailah: Again thank you For All the duas and prayers!!!!!!!!! :inlove: :up: :D My hed spinning!!! I feel like I'm on cloud 50!!!! Not cloud 9 but 50!!!!:D :D :inlove: :) :) I'm just so happy!!!!!!!!!!

    :hidban: Sister Habiba :hidban:
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    Re: Update....dua/prayers neded for husband

    mashallah :)
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      Re: Update....dua/prayers neded for husband



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        Re: Update....dua/prayers neded for husband

        mashallah sister do keep us informed about your habibis treatment and inshallah his recovery.... i have friends with similiar diseases inshallah they will be helped along with your husband :D
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          Re: Update....dua/prayers neded for husband

          mashaAllah..May ALlah SWT be with us all Ameen,:)
          and may he grant ure habeeb the greatest sabr of all Amee.n. tHUMMAaMEEN..:)
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          He told him, ‘abandon rebellion, for knowledge is a light
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            Re: Update....dua/prayers neded for husband


            Didnt know your Hubb was so ill. But good to hear he is better!

            I will InshAllah make Dwas too.
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              Re: Update....dua/prayers neded for husband

              Yes we are realy happy with the new's. It's just going to be a little harder on me. He'll have the side effects of chemo. Hair loss,nausea,vomiting. :( He want's me to shave not all his hair but give him a burr haircut. Inshallah we'll find the strength through Allah.

              Sister Habiba:up:


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                Re: Update....dua/prayers neded for husband

                Good to hear, that your husbands condition may improve. :up:

                Keep praying/doing zikr, especially the various names of allah (Ya kareem, Ya sami, Ya shukoor) etc.
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