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who are the wise

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  • who are the wise

    Asalama alaykum

    how do you do?

    1st of all i love u all 4 the sake of allah, i really do (and that is the best form of love)

    there are some of u whom i admire, because of certain virtues allah blessed you with, which may not be apparent to u yourself, but its seen by those around u.

    lately it has been as though i have been fighting, fighting non other than myself and my desire's.
    i felt weak, 4 by allah i am a slave of his ,who worship's her desire's i say worship bcoz i am obedient 2 my desires. may allah 4give me.

    this fighting alone has occupied me. its as though i am been chased by my desire as it quiken's its pace, i see my self taking full flight. only 2 make a u turn and end up in the same place i ran from. any of u feel like this?

    how i wish 2 be amongst those muslims around that era where hearts were filled with vibrant faith.

    how i wish 2 be a slave of allah's who "hears and obeys"

    how i wish to be righteous and please my lord.

    to do that i have 2 put my naf's into place. my naf's is my weakness, and the weakness of proberly many of you's.

    i want 4 u what i want for myself.......and that is 2 gain supreme bliss in paradise.....most of all that is 2 see the face of our lord.

    "has not the time come for the believer 2 subject his heart to the remembrance of allah?"

    indeed it has, and i pray where ever destiny takes us in the morrow that u and i, somewhere on this spacious earth are subjecting our hearts to the remembrance of allah.

    those souls who question themselves that allah mention's in the quran. how wise they are.

    once a person said to the prophet scw "o messenger of allah, tell me who is the wisest and most far sighted of men" our nabi alayhis salam replied "he who remembers death much and makes the greatest preparation for it, they alone are wise and prudent who are like that, they earn respect in this world as well as glory in the hereafter"

    by allah when i read my entire definition of the term "wise" changed.

    let us keep death permanently in our minds, and prepare earnestly for it,

    surely the greatest fools are those who know death is certain yet make no preparation for it, and remain engrossed with worldly pleasures.

    "the wise and strong are those who keep their inordinate appetites under control, and strives 4 the life after death"

    the foolish and weak are those who follow biddings of the flesh (desire) instead of the commands of allah......and yet hope 4 the best from their lord.

    by allah, i am this fool defined above.....and it is from allah's mercy that i recognise this so as 2 change it whilst still alive.

    may allah make us all wise, and guide us 2 the str8 path, the path of those whom he favoured.

    4 give me 4 anything i may have done 2 u, hidden or allah i 4give u and all those whom hurt me in the past & present openly or secretly.

    A man was given the glad tidings of paradise 3 times when asked what he does differently so as 2 recieve this honer, he said "i dont go 2 sleep at night without 4giving any1 who did me wrong, secretly or openly"

    this is all he did, he didnt do anything voluntarily like pray qiyam layl, pray sunnah salats fast sunnah fasts etc. (he stuck 2 whats compulsory and 4gave every1 b4 he slept)

    remember this verse of the quran..........where ever u are.....

    "o u who believe save yourselfs and your family from the fire, whose fuel will be men and stone"

    and let us all fear allah where ever we are.

    we all do stuff we are not proud of, but the imbecile is not 1 who makes a mistake.........but rather 1 who makes the same mistake twice.


    your reward is seeing the face of allah and living in paradise in eternal bliss.

    know that she who reminds u of the next life, is better 4 u then she who gives u comfort in this world.

    No company is better than bad company, good company is better than no company, advicing good is better than keeping silent,

    silence is better than dictating evil.

    " Whoever abandones jihad in order to be safe from fitnah, then he has already fallen into fitnah that is a result of doubts in his heart, sickness of his mind and his abandoning jihad that Allah ordered him!" Ibn Taymeeyah r/a

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    Re: who are the wise

    Mashallah tht was really interesting sis.

    Wise words... I shall do what am best at doing for poeple, and pray for you.
    Thanks for tht post - much love