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How beautiful marriage is in Islam

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  • How beautiful marriage is in Islam

    People take being married for granted. When youth today are faced with the questions concerned with marriage they become scared ...

    But marriage in Islam is nothing to be scared of because it helps us with our din.

    Actually marriage helps us as youth stay away from premarrital temptations and getting caught up in zina. Al-hamdu-lillah that he has brought us something, Most Gracious Most Merciful, because he knows we as slaves get caught up in the flesh and start to do things like those in the Western Countries.

    The Muslim family is one of the most important things dealing with this din. We are judged by how we raise and take care of our families.

    If we as Muslims plant the seeds in our chilldren Allah will guide them to the right path. The offspring we produce can determine our place in Junnah. But everything is descended from a strong foundation and if
    all the rules are followed from the Qur'an and Sunnah and all things created fear Allah We as Muslims will be guaranteed a successful marriage.

    Thoughts by : Jeane Foster - USA

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    Re: How beautiful marriage is in Islam

    Early marriages mean more mouths to feed, in terms of spouse and new children, more bills and more financial constraint. Marriages require maturity, its not something for people who have so much left to learn about life, and they do not need something as occupying and distracting as marriage at so early a point.
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