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How far will one go

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  • How far will one go

    is a question one often asks, and through contemplation they recognise or form a reasonable limit, but when in the situation some trangress

    meet K muslim by name only, this is a sister i know very well, i havent seen her over 3 years due to different life styles, non the less we went to school together, the past month has been kind of weird for me, i seem to be getting in contact with a lot of people from my past, one sister whom i remember saying

    "see you next weekend" that weekend did come i did see her only it was not the next it was four years later!

    as i sat eating the beautiful lasanya she put infront of me and the two of us catching up over old times she bought up K

    "you know i have not seen or spoken to her in years" i said

    when i got home that night, i picked up the phone to see if K still had the same house number to my surprise she did. catching up with her she tells me she recently got married, i said oh congrats! so who is the fella?

    "you dont know him quest, his name is michael" she said i asked if he was muslim because i know better then anyone that K is unpredictable she said he is.

    few days later i decide to visit her, i just showed up on her door step, sitting in her bedroom, after a while she pops into the balcony.
    i get bored so followed her out there, she said "quest no"

    i replied "easy why do you look like you saw a ghost?"

    she then moved out the way and i can smell the weed she was smoking.

    i was not surprised, just thought after all these years she would have grown out of it

    i looked at her with this annoyed look she said "dont give me that look, walahi this is my last spliff"

    Quest "this is not the way to quit something, u cant satisfy your desire then say no more, the trick is to tame your desire when you want something the most this is the highest level of self restraint"

    she says dont get philosophical on me, i went to take the spliff she moved back laughing all high and what not, i said look at you? fix up and walked out the balcony.

    in her bedroom i was flicking thru a magazine, then said "K now this is what you call a pregnant women damn look at that stomach"

    K then stood up and said "no this is"

    i saw a bump my reaction was "your pregnant and your smoking weed?"

    she said "that was my last one"
    i said "but your smoking cigs to?" she gave me some speech of how she has 3 a day etc.

    as if that was not bad enough she says shes 4 months pregnant i replied

    "dates do not add up my love! did u not say you got married early april?" she says yes "so how can u be four months?" then it hitt me she got pregnant before marriage and the marriage was a cover up for the pregnancie.

    i sat there with many emotions one sec am shocked next am annoyed by how laid back she is about everything, then am being optimistic whats done is done just focusing on her future, then am back to being angry.

    she says the family doesnt know shes pregnant and she will worry about that when she starts to show.

    i need ummah members to confirm something, i heard a zani child (say if its a daughter for example) will have to wear hijab infront of her own male blood siblings whom share same mother and father is this true?)

    further i heard the zani child is even halal for the father in terms of marriage is this true?

    i gave the sister serious da'wa she would listen but was it was clear she had no real intention of changing.

    she mentions how the council were taking long with her application for housing, what she said next got me so vexed i forgot i was a muslim and she was pregnant and would love to have hit her

    she says "i dont know why they are making me wait i told some bullshyt about my life being in danger if the family find out they will kill me i told them you know how muslims are terrorists i fear for my life"

    something just came over me i stood up and said "you said what? " she paused

    quest "your pathetic you will lie and humiliate muslims and islam in exchange for some poxy council flat?"

    she laughed i said "am i missing the joke, look into my eyes do i seriously look like am messing with you? i cant even look at you, legitimate child ok i can get over that by still wanting to befriend you in the hope of you changing for your sake and your babies, infact i can put up with all your crap but you went to far"

    she says "quest quit over reacting, u know what i meant, technically i didnt lie u know my brother if he finds out he will kill me"

    i replied "yes he will kill u, what i fail to realise is how that deed falls into islam, he will kill u based on culture, he would kill u on the basis of you humiliating him and your entire family, not just because of the pregnancy but because of who the father is, is he not one of your bros buddys?"

    she goes quiet. man i was so angry i took my bag and left,if i stayed longer i would have said or did something i would regret.

    i dont understand how someone could do that. faking a disabilitie is one thing but what she did is not on.

    i need you members to tell me about the enquirie i made above about the zaani child what is islams full stance on that please.

    Last edited by Quest; 17-04-06, 03:37 AM.
    " Whoever abandones jihad in order to be safe from fitnah, then he has already fallen into fitnah that is a result of doubts in his heart, sickness of his mind and his abandoning jihad that Allah ordered him!" Ibn Taymeeyah r/a


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