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  • Quest
    Re: Plaitnum RULE

    Hi bro, you do ? thats great, glad u like them. take care of yourself.
    and each other.

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  • Submission
    Re: Plaitnum RULE


    Inspiring post... I actually look forward o your posts... thier very interesting!
    Mashallah you speak truth.

    Jazakallah Khayran


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  • Quest
    started a topic Plaitnum RULE

    Plaitnum RULE

    To salvation

    Asalama alaykum ladies and gents, how do you all do ?

    You know when a muslim is asked how can one gain salvation, they answer in many beautiful ways, but in a nut shell, they say "thru ALLAHs mercy and his forgiveness"

    In this post i want to introduce to u all something you already know,

    Having said that, we know....

    The golden rule in islam is "want for ur brother/sister what u want for yourself" (meaning watever good that you want for yourself want it for your brothers and sisters also, this is a test of true faith, for rasoululaah scw said "NONE OF U CAN HAVE FAITH, not untill he wants for his brother what he wants for himself"

    Now that we know this golden rule of faith, i will introduce to you the ....Plaitnum RULE in gaining salvation
    this may sound new to you, but as you read on you will find its common sense, just decorated by me .


    is to never ever make excuses for your sin, if you cant hear and obey the commands of ALLAH, then hear and acknowledge, no matter what do not deny your sin, this in a nut shell is my plaitnum rule.

    let me explain this rule to you clearly in this way, ok think of a sin any sin, (are u finished ? ) to stop this sin will be hard no doubt, for indeed nothing is given to us in life right ?, knowledge we have to aquire, patience we have to practice, strength we have to gain etc etc so to stop sin we have to try,

    but how do we begin to TRY, knowing OLD HABITS DIE HARD ?

    My rule to salvation comes hand in hand with my saying "It is better allah witness's u trying to STOP sin and failing, rather than u sining and Not TRYING AT ALL"

    when ever u find urself comitting a sin, do not make excuses for it (your sin, if u do then u are not following the rule), instead repent,

    Remember to make excuses for your sins, is to leave no room for guilt, without guilt there is no contemplation, with out contemplation there is no regret or remorse, with out regret and remorse there is no room for repentence, without repentence, how can u expect forgiveness? (something to think about)

    i hope you now understand what the plaitnum rule is, and what the result for neglecting it will be. To make sure that u do the rule is to not find excuses for ur sins, but rather acknowledge what u are doing is a sin, the result for not following this rule is, there is no forgiveness, for in not following this rule, u will find no reason to repent. how can u repent for something u have justified to urself as of being of no harm, not a sin, very OK etc.

    to conclude a brother once said

    "It is not the sin, its nature or magnitude that matters most, it is the reaction of the heart to that sin and its realisation of the greatness of the one disobeyed"

    I thought i will share this with you seeing that it is a crucial test of whether our hearts are dead or alive.

    ALLAH bless you all
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