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  • mmm....yummy.....

    salaams.... hehehe :D thought u'd like 2 try summat ~yummy~!

    Milk Chocolate Cake :D

    ~ 7oz Self Raising flour
    ~ 8oz caster sugar
    ~ 1oz cocoa powder
    ~ 4oz butter/margarine
    ~ 1/2 tsp salt
    ~ 2 eggs
    ~ 5 tbsp evaporated milk
    ~ 5 tbsp water
    ~ a few drops of vanilla essence

    ~~ Place all the dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Add the margarine and rub it into the mixture to form 'breadcrumbs'. Beat the eggs and add the evaporated milk, water and vanilla essence. Mix these liquids together.

    ~~ Gradually add the liquid to the dry ingredients, stiring as you go. When the mixture is complete, beat it to remove lumps and to add as much air as possible. At this stage the mixture should have the consistency of a thick liquid.

    ~~ Grease and line an 8" cake or loaf tin. Pour in the cake mix. Place this in the centre of a preheated oven at 180 degrees C/Gas 4 (a touch cooler for a fan assisted oven) and bake for 1 hour.

    ~~ When ready and cool, top with milk chocolate or icing.

    Now indulge yourself!
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    Thanks for this receipe SP

    Ahem... I can't cook though :D
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      hehehe... neither can i ;)
      ask a lil cousin or sum1 to make it.... they'd be more than willing.... (i of course know this for fact ;) )
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        Thanx SP,

        Nice to hear from u.

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