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    How slowly we own up to mistakes in this country. The Belgian minister for health has declared fluoride supplements harmful and is in the process of banning their sale. The Irish Forum on Fluoridation, hardly a radical reforming body, has just recommended lowering fluoride content in tap water.

    But in Britain the dental establishment organises a major meeting to sell the benefits of fluoride to health trusts. And we ask for more fluoride research. And what about? Social class benefits and public awareness. These, apparently, are more important than effects on IQ, genetic defects and thyroid disease. I must declare an interest.

    Twenty years ago I discovered there was no NHS test for fluoride poisoning, so I set one up. We eventually checked 300 urine samples from the fluoridated West Midlands and Lincolnshire, and concluded that people can consume damaging amounts of fluoride regardless of whether their water is fluoridated.

    These conclusions changed the minds of all but one of the scientists involved in the review. You never heard this because the dental establishment broke the embargo and systematically lied to the press about the review's findings before they were published. It claimed the review as a ringing endorsement of its cherished fluoridation policy.

    What should we do?

    Also: USE toothpaste with little or NO flouride at all. You can find these at any good health-store.
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