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    Beware on the internet.
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    The Satanic Web

    As salaamu 'alaykum,

    I clicked on the attachment and found a load of letters and numbers and signs..jibberish..but in the midst I could work out some senetences...and I think this article brings up some very good points; so I just thought I'd post the article here so as to make it easier for the sisters and brothers to read. I must add, I have made a few changes..just adding fullstops and capital letters etc. Hope the original poster doesn't mind, inshaAllah.
    Here goes:


    The Satanic Web

    I think by now most of the world has heard about the so called NET. Yes, the INTERNET, it has its benefits but at the same time it has its dangers, especially for a Muslim who's aim in life is to please Allah and attain paradise. how? You may be wondering innocently. Well keep reading and you'll see. The WEB or the "NET" is the name which cannot be argued about because it traps the victim just like a spider traps a fly, but the difference is the victim instead of wanting to escape like the fly, actually begins to enjoy this captivity, such is the terrible addiction and attraction. Its difficult to judge whether the surfer is in control or being controlled. I know what you are thinking, naaaa not me I have full control, well think again friend.
    Ok, so what’s the problem with surfing huh? Well, once online its like you get into a trance or more like cyber space, it makes you forget the real world and the reality around you and puts you into what is called virtual reality. Yes, that's the name, virtual reality, where everything is unreal but appears to be so real. Personally I think it should be called the "Satan’s web".

    Once the user is connected then everything else is disconnected and believe me I mean everything; Moms shouting from downstairs, kids are crying around you, maybe the door bell has rang a couple of times but no, this person is in a different world, the concern for salaah is gone, work, studies and other good deeds like reading quran, thikr are either delayed or sometimes completely in the recycle bin, innalillahi wa inna alyahi rajioon, yes the most scary and most dangerous thing about it is that it has disconnected us from ALLAH. As Muslims we have to be alert and worry about our Faith in all circumstances and at all times, or this life is very short and the life of the hereafter is for ever enjoying but only for those who make effort on their faith and Islam and try to save themselves from the evils of Satan, maybe we're enjoying ourselves surfing horrific web sites or even chatting in the rooms. Hold on, I think 'chatting' is the wrong term, it should be 'flirting': the biggest evil of all, SATAN'S ROOM, yes cyberfreinds, the room without a view but the most dangerous part of the net, we all know what goes on in these rooms, this is the room where even the innocent ones have become addicted, their father being proud of them hinking they are sitting in front of the PC working hard - little does he know that she's chatting to more guys then she would have if she went out.
    Think about this, if you had a child would you like her roaming on the streets chatting up guys ? Or would you let strangers come in to your daughter's bedroom and chat with her for hours? Well that’s what’s happening and don’t think "MY DAUGHTER? NEVER! my daughter can’t even think of such a thing!", well wake up MR and stop pretending you know what's going on cuz you don’t, this is how Satan's destroying us sitting in our own homes.
    Yeah forget the pen pal days, that was the innocent stuff, nowadays girls and boys are known to have traveled around the world meeting their cyber girl/boy friends, and if not then long distance phonecalls is common and you know how it starts? Well it starts off with just looking into the chatrooms maybe to make a friend of the same sex.... or maybe not, and Satan even tells the God fearing ones, you can give dawah to them look how many people you can talk about Islam and how many people can benefit from you, yeah. All rubbish. Satan's playing with you in his fingers, it's a coincidence isn't t how every time you want to give dawah it's the opposite sex you end up talking to, hmmmm I wonder why, well anyway you are in the rooms with your cool username saying hi room, asl and all that stuff and after some time in and out the rooms you starting to get this big friends list, and usually it’s the opposite sex, now your chatting day in day out, getting closer to your friends and if they live locally then you take it one step further, we all know what that is don’t we? Course we do, it's the mobile with the coolest tune around yeah another thing which is kicking nowadays...anyway we'll talk about that another day so now you've exchanged numbers and send each other text messages and before you know it wing bing bang wallop, you're running away with him/her, ok maybe not that far but whatever or however far you’ve got, you are taking your self closer and closer to the fire of hell and just think about it brothers and sisters, what would happen if death would take us in that state or that night where we just had a good chat and exchanged some lovey dovey sentences between each other?
    We tend to forget death specially when we’re young, we think naa maan I got long time left, but death can take us anytime and in any condition, we don’t have to be old and ill or have any problems, and once death comes, there's no coming back, only one way in this world and only one way out.

    So as I was saying, you got these yahoo pager or MSN messenger and ICQ and now there is even voice chat and web cams so many its hard to keep track and all of them are full of friends. Haven’t had so many friends in your life isn't it great? Is it? Yeah great for wasting your time, this precious time will never come back and will be accountable for on the Day of Judgement, anyway so now you are chatting away, if you pray your salah probably pausing and quickly praying it at the speed of 50 mph then jumping back on to the hot seat, so you are chatting away to your real friend which in reality you don’t know jack about him/her, only what he /she has told you which in most cases is a lot of cod wallop, whatever that is, and you’ve fell for him or her, now your are up till midnight chatting away talking freely which you would never able to imagine doing if you weren't online and when you are not talking to him/her you are thinking about him/her probably even got a pic in your PC ,I bet you are even fantasising or day dreaming while in studies or at the office desk probably sending a quick mail from uni. or college or school;
    now you tend to feel a bit happy and can’t wait to get online and chat again some even start meeting in cinemas and shopping malls, raves and parties, etc. So now the net has made meeting strangers possible in such a large scale which before would be unimaginable some have even got married , ok that’s good but come one how many is that?

    Now these are some things that puts some of us back and make us swear that we ain't going in them rooms again, yup one is the big bill we get at the end of the month or quarterly, soon as we open that bill arghhhhhh our heart stops for a split second and we're making excuses that no way, BT has overcharged me. But unfortunately Satan has once again. Ok, if our server is free we shouldn't get happy cuz that's more dangerous, then we don’t have no time, no control and might end up eating our meals on the damn PC, yeah I bet some are even doing it right now. Secondly it's the heart breaks that put us off for a while, we meet someone nice on the net and think he/she is the one and have high hopes for the future but soon after we find out the truth,
    that he is married and is older then your father or she is only 15 and is still in school, yup. this is common: everybody's lying their teeth out making themselves out to be the perfect partner just to impress each other, so the hearts broken, (usually female hearts) and are sick of the net but as time goes by what are we doing? Yes back again caught in the web of Satan.

    Let's take it further ok, not only the young and innocent are in
    cyber land but the married ones too are involved, the husband is chatting with women and the wife doesn't even suspect anything just wishing he would give her as much time as he gives his work... well, she thinks its work only if she knew eh..? Or the depressed house wives who are bored with their husbands and want something to bring the spark back in their life's or vise versa, take this opportunity to chat or flirt with younger people
    and sometimes it even leads to affairs, yup you must have heard about it, so and so ran off and left her husband and kids, really? Yes, she found this guy on the net would you believe it? Well you better believe it coz now this is happening in realty. Now we shouldn't forget the single moms coz they are a victim in a large scale, men seeing them as an easy target and trying to make themselves sound caring and sweet so they win them over, the shy and innocent ones find it the best way to meet the right guy probably chatting to a dozen people at a time, half the people
    don't even mention that they are married and have got half a dozen children, why should they? It will spoil the fun. Astaghfirullah, may ALLAH forgive us.

    My dear friends, Islam has never opposed technology and modern inventions but we have to in reality think and contemplate on how we are using the net, are the chatrooms taking us further form ALLAH or bringing us nearer to thee or is it making our Creator happy or bringing His WRATH? Do we really think these chatrooms are benefiting us and our faith? The language used in the rooms is itself enough for one to decide this is a no go zone for us, and we all know that the topic the room is under is not what's being discussed. We cannot fool ourselves by saying and trying to make which is unlawful lawful by using the excuse that there is no serious harm and its just a bit of fun or our hearts are clean and we don’t have any bad intentions. Maybe we don’t, but Satan’s traps are so dangerous that we
    would fall in to it without us even realising and his job is to try to
    take each and every one of us to the Hellfire and this is one of the tools he is using: >THE INTERNET<.
    So we have to ponder for a while and ask ourselves are we a victim of SATAN?. And I’m sure the answer will be "Yes".

    So, my friends, we should repent sincerely and make firm intention to avoid indulging in these sins, ALLAH opens the ways for the one who tries, and I’m sure all of us want to please our Creator so we can live a life of bliss, it just takes a bit of effort. If we don’t make an effort then it will be a grave danger for our IMAAN and AKHIRAH, and we will have to face the consequences.

    Whether we accept it or not, it's the truth and only Allah knows best.


    May Allah (swt) grant us the ability to *act* upon what we learn. Aameen.
    May Allaah (swt) reward the author of this article. Aameen.

    With Peace,


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      The Internet is as good or as evil as the person who uses it.

      So, just as with many tools, one can produce both good and evil.

      I would say, trust your faith in good and bad and decide for yourselves how to use the tool.
      "I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them." -Isaac Asimov


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        It depends on how we use it
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          There is a such thing as too much of something. I am grateful to be reminded through this article that it is very important that I examine what I do with the grace that Allah gives to me called Time. And how I use it, when I use it, how long I use it and my responsibilities toward others in my use of it (IT).
          I think that anything can be turned to the service of Satan, but it takes moment by moment effort to serve Allah. A deliberate conscious effort to serve Allah. Whether it is the Interent or any other aspect of life, it must be done with full awareness on every level.
          Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to point out the pitfalls and where taking shortcuts or falling for the smoke and mirrors ends us up into real grief and trouble.
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            Originally posted by kaphirgoyim
            The Internet is as good or as evil as the person who uses it.

            So, just as with many tools, one can produce both good and evil.

            I would say, trust your faith in good and bad and decide for yourselves how to use the tool.
            hey kaph, chock up another on in the agree column
            .لا نريد زعيما يخاف البيت الإبيض
            نريد زعيما يخاف الواحد الأحد
            دولة الإسلامية باقية


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              General Guidelines for Internet Users

              salams, with respek to the discussion on the internet.. here is a very thoughtful pieace onit!!!!

              General Guidelines for Internet Users

              By Sheikh: Hamed Ibn Abdullah El Aly

              First: When a Muslim hears the call for prayer, he should rise up to the remembrance of Allah and not let anything take him away from answering that call. The Lord SWT said: In houses that Allah ordered to be built and His name to be mentioned in them mornings and nights, men who are not diverted by trade or selling from the Remembrance of Allah, pray, give alms, fear a day where hearts and eyesight’s are diverted in all directions. (24:36-37)

              Second: The Internet is a way for communication that is considered a double-edged weapon. When it provides benefit, it becomes a gift. And when it provides evil, it becomes a disgrace. Muslim should use the good side of this facility to serve his religion and life, rather than its evil side that corrupts his religion and life.

              Third: It’s very important for internet users to protect their eyes from falling on prohibited scenes. The prohibited scene is considered Satan’s arrow, his weapon that he uses to spoil the Muslims heart by offering immediate pleasure, followed by long lasting feelings of remorse and regret. Watching scenes that Allah prohibited causes darkness in the heart, gloominess in the chest and heaviness and reluctance to perform actions of worshiping Allah. It deprives the soul of enjoying the sweetness of deep faith. By all means it is a tool that Satan uses to sugar coat sins with, and the moment one falls in this trap, Satan takes complete control of his heart, and play with it like a young boy who plays with a ball. The end is always a fatal loss.

              Fourth: Don’t let the internet consume your effort and time for no value. That happens when you navigate between the various sites and online groups for long hours. You waste your precious lifetime hours. That time that you should devote for people like your family, parents, children and relatives, or for your job where you earn the living for you and your dependants.

              Fifth: Visit the Islamic Sites frequently. Visit the useful sites that add to your useful information, and widens up your scales of knowledge. Stay away from the sites that promote corruption to Belief or Morals, those groups that seek the spread of Fitnah or controversy, even if this is over religious issues. Bad controversy is of no avail. Don’t interfere in conversations with the enemies of Islam unless you have the necessary knowledge and power that enables you to handle this task. And if not, ask a scholar to handle it instead.

              Sixth: Take caution against the chatting sites. They are traps for males and females to drag them into a prohibited relationship, which often starts by an innocent introduction and end up in mere pain and causes damage to life and faith.

              Seventh: Its either you control or you get controlled by the trap of the internet. If you put it under your control, you take its benefit and shed away its harm. Hence Internet becomes a gift from Allah for your welfare. And if you fall under its control, it blurs your eyes with its glittering charm and temporary pleasures, steals your money, time, life and the duties your have towards your family and beloved ones. You become the prey without being aware of it. Save yourself from this trap before you are lost, and before it is too late.
              Throwing Culture to the Wind (The sorry state of Muslims today)

              The first eighty or so years after the Prophet (peace be upon him) were the best time in all human history in which to live. Pure, true, uncorrupted Islam was practiced and spread. In His Infinite Wisdom, Allah revealed the Qur'an in Arabic to Arabic speaking people. These same people, only had to hear the Qur'an and immediately they understood its significance. The greatest thing in their culture was their depth of understanding of the pure Arabic language. Islam was the means of transforming them into the most outstanding civilization of all time.

              Whenever Islam spread, naturally the Arabic language was learned and hence the doors to Islamic knowledge were opened. Indeed the love for learning and spreading true knowledge was an essential part of life.

              Time through the ages and the ebb and flow of Islamic resurgence continues - parallel to the obedience or disobedience of the people. Islam, like waves on an ocean, ever flowing, moving across time - sometimes strong and resilient and at other times weak and helpless. The moment the individual and hence the society, lets go of the Trustworthy Handhold; the moment they feel self reliant; the moment they choose to knowingly disobey Allah the Creator of all - that, is the moment when the ever waiting tides of evil will overcome the 'Islam' of the people, for truly Islam is submission and obedience to Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him).

              Today the Muslims are a fragmented group, reveling in nationalism, self- glorification and desire for the world. They often carry their Islam as a kind of insurance card, ready to use it when necessary, thinking that their recitation of the Shahadah will alone save them from the evil consequences of their deeds.

              We hear about Islamic culture in this pro-multicultural world of the new age, as if Islam is a cloak we choose to wear while other's cultures are deemed equal in beauty and truth. But is Islam really culture? We have Turkish culture, Lebanese culture, Asian culture and Western culture and then we have Islam. Islam is 'the' way of life prescribed by the Creator for His creation. It contains no manmade elements; choice remains either in obedience or disobedience to the Creator. Hence freedom is an illusion.

              Unfortunately however, throughout the world we have the notion of 'culture' seeping through to the mosques and those who desire to govern them. Each ethnic group believing it has a more legitimate right to lead, govern and control. In this process the beauty of Islam; the spiritual and practical manifestation of the love and fear of Allah - courage, loyalty, forbearance, trustworthiness, honesty, punctuality and piety have been squeezed out of modern day 'cultural Islam.'

              An unidentifiable mixture of one's culture and Islam often masks the beauty of the era of the Prophet (peace be upon him). The Arabic language is no longer sought like before, and understanding the Qur'an in Arabic is no longer a priority. In doing so, we have lost the essence!

              How much thinking is controlled by family and societal expectations, which contain a smattering of superficial Islamic manners and 'traditions', acting as a façade against self-centered nationalism?

              What a sorry state we are in! The Zionist enemy sits and watches us destroy ourselves through our own neglect, as we leave the essence of Islam - the sincere obedience to Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him) and commitment and sacrifice in His way along with a burning desire to learn, learn, learn!

              By the time we have finished whittling away our Islamic foundation, the enemies of Allah, will have no need to work so hard to complete the final bricks of modern day colonialism. A large majority of Muslims have already adopted their language, their fashions, their manners, and their habits. They praise their tyranny and send their precious children to their schools. What is left of our Islam?

              Come on! Let's shake off the shackles of cultural thinking, nationalist pride and love of the West and sincerely follow the Prophet (peace be upon him) who was sent by Allah the Almighty to be our example.

              Let's turn to the Creator. Put our foreheads on the ground in humility and obedience and then, I'm sure, that Allah will turn in His Mercy to those who truly seek His pleasure. On that day, the enemies of Allah will scatter amidst their evil plans and will destroy themselves, as we have nearly done.

              Contributed by : Velma Cook, Australia

              Islamic Values vs. Muslim Values

              An Article written by : Atiq Ebady

              The misconceptions that surround Islam in this day and age are too great to number.

              A repeated scene is that of a Muslim having a discussion with a non-Muslim and trying to explain that Muslims are not terrorists, Muslims are not wife-beaters, that these actions are the deeds of a few which are then unjustly imposed on the whole Muslim population. But if the whole Muslim population had presented themselves in an Islamic manner in the first place, the reputation of a Muslim would be far too virtuous to allow the misdeeds of a few to tarnish the image of the whole Muslim world. But Muslims generally do not present Islamic values, they present Muslim values; and the difference between these two can sometimes be as vivid as night and day.

              What do I mean by Islamic values and Muslim values? Islamic values are those that are set out in the Quran and the practice of the noble Messenger, Muhammad (S). Muslim values are those that are created as part of the culture of the Muslim communities. These include the day-to-day interaction between the Muslims and their outlook on Islam's rules and regulations. The difference is that Islam is perfect and pure, while the values formulated by the Muslims may or may not be in accordance with Islam. The detriment that arises from this is that many times precedence is given to the Muslim values over the Islamic values.

              This is not to say that Muslims do not care about Islam, they care for and love Islam deeply, they have concern for their children's Islamic upbringing and the welfare of the Muslims all over the world. But what happens is that certain practices become common among them and their mentalities are set on justifying these practices instead of accepting the Islamic rulings on such things. They become a part of the Muslim culture and mentality, and so it becomes difficult to try to explain to them that Islam forbids such things. Because of this transformation in mentality, the average person in such a community will be hostile to someone bringing Islamic rulings forbidding things such as music and dancing and enforcing things like hijab and modest conduct. Having gatherings and parties that center around music and dancing, and removal of the hijab and modest conduct have become common among many Muslims, and so they constitute what we have called Muslim values, as opposed to the Islamic values.

              The Muslim values are caused by a relaxation on the enforcement of Islamic laws. The Islamic values, principles, and priorities are contained within these laws. Prayer, fasting, charity, hajj, hijab, modesty, being kind to others, giving parents their due rights, emphasizing the importance of marriage, attending the Islamic centers and masjids, gaining knowledge, all of these are designed to build spiritually healthy individuals and a spiritually healthy society. When the performance of these actions is relaxed then a void is created that is receptive for outside and often unIslamic ideals.

              When there is relaxation then a distorted concept of freedom is adopted, it gives the Muslims the courage to challenge the Islamic laws and present their own philosophy as to why following the laws is not necessary. They make excuses to oppose the laws and create their own, when the Quran has clearly said,

              And it behoves not a believing man and a believing woman that they should have any choice in their matter when Allah and His Apostle have decided a matter; and whoever disobeys Allah and His Apostle, he surely strays off a manifest straying. (Al-Ahzab, 33:36)

              An understanding has to be conveyed that the Muslim communities will only thrive if they adhere to the principles of Islam. The concept of Islam that the non-Muslims have is directly related to the actions of the Muslim communities, because the majority of them will not go out and research about Islam, they will make their judgments based on what they see the Muslims doing. So it is not surprising for them to think that Muslims drink alcohol, that they eat pork and haram food, they listen to music, dance, go to discos and nightclubs, engage in promiscuous relationships, and many other things that a Muslim should not be doing. On the flip side, it is not surprising for them to be ignorant of the fact that a Muslim is supposed to pray at least five times a day, he/she has to fast during Ramadhan, go to Hajj once in a lifetime, abstain from cursing and abusive language, abstain from backbiting, go to masjid on Fridays for jum'a prayer, read Quran, and other basic obligations that a Muslim has.

              The result is that a distorted image of Islam, the pure and perfect religion, is presented to them, and in response the Muslims try to say that it is a few Muslims ruining it for the rest of them. But this is not the case, the responsibility lies with the majority of the Muslims who themselves are not acting Islamically. Yes, it is true that the terrorists are few, and that the equation of a Muslim with a terrorist is wrong and unjust. But this is an isolated incident, and in general it is the majority of the Muslims ruining things for themselves. This can only be corrected by starting at the root of the problem, the Muslim family and attendance in the Islamic centers. If the parents are consistent in teaching their children and are themselves consistent in practicing Islam, and if the entire family attends the Islamic centers on a regular basis, then we will see an amazing transformation in the conduct of the Muslims, as individuals and as communities. Then when the non-Muslims look to the actions of the Muslims they will actually learn about Islam, and will not have to worry about whether or not what they are seeing is Islam.

              As Muslims, we have to strive to make our Muslim values the same as our Islamic values. Only then can we truly be considered believers.
              Winning Hearts

              Winning Hearts

              Here are 11 pieces of advice to help you in winning others hearts. My pieces of advice are like arrows that aim at shooting hearts as its only target. I mean here, to be the virtuous merits, that captivate others hearts and help in overcoming imperfections. Actually, such merits have their own effective power in charming hearts.

              O you who is in love with Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) and your brothers in Islam, here are the arrows; be careful with them, try hard to be a clever shooter…

              And pray to Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) to help you.

              Smile :

              It is the first arrow and the fastest of them all. It is like the salt for food. It is also regarded as a kind of worship and alms-giving as is mentioned in a hadith “Smiling at your brother’s face is as charity (Sadaqa)”. Abdullah ibn al Harith tells us about the Prophet (peace be upon him) saying that he had never seen someone smile at the other’s face as the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to do.

              Be always the one who initiates greetings:

              This arrow is the one that lets you to be in the innermost depths of the others hearts. This arrow needs a skillful shooter. The needed skills are the hearty smile, the warm shaking of hands and the friendly welcoming to the other. Being successfully achieved, such kinds of skills are going to be rewarded, referring to the hadith: “In greetings, the better is he who initiates greeting the other”.

              Umar al Nadi tells us that he went out once with Umar ibn al Khattab’s son. While walking, he found him saluting all whom he met, whether being old or young. Al Hasan al-Basri also said “Shaking hands strengthens brotherhood feelings”. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said “Do not ever waste your good deeds, even by meeting your brother with a frowning face.” He said also “Shaking hands removes hatred and exchanging presents enhances love and ends enmity”.

              The Presents:

              It has a strange charming affection that captivates all senses. Hence, exchanging presents and gifts in different occasions is a pleasant habit however gifts should be within one’s tolerable expenses. Ibrahim al Zahri tells us about his father saying “ My father got a sum of money as a reward , in due , he asked me to send donations to his family members and friends . As we were about to finish , he asked me “ Have we missed any one?” I answered “No!” He said “I think that we did.” He continued ”We have missed someone whose welcome to me was really warm. Would you please send him this sum of money?”

              Look how he loved the man and wished to reward him for his warm welcome.

              Be silent….speak in what benefits.

              Loud voice and chattering are bad merits. You have to be sweet-worded, tender in expressing yourself. Concerning this merit, The Prophet (peace be upon him) said “The good word is a charity (is a sadaqa).” If the good word has its own magic in winning the hearts of your enemies how powerfully it would work then with your brothers’ hearts!!

              Here the Prophet’s wife addresses the enemies saying “Damn you” and the Prophet (peace be upon him) prevents her saying “Calm down. Allah likes for the matters to be dealt with gently”. He also said: “Nobility of manners and taciturnity are the best of manners that people are ever characterized by”.

              The poet says also:

              The pious Allah-fearing may keep silent, in spite of being eloquent.

              Be a good listener:

              It is to listen patiently and never interrupt the speaker, as the Prophet (peace be upon him) never interrupted a speaker till he ended his speech. And he who fights for this merit gains others love and admiration, whilst on the contrary is the one who chatters and interrupts the other. Atta` tells us about how he behaves concerning this merit and says “When someone speaks to me , I listen to him as if it is the first time I have heard this subject, though I have heard it thousands of times before.

              Appearance and dressing well:

              You have to be careful with your appearance so as to be neat, well –dressed and sweet smelling as well. The Prophet (peace be upon him) says that Allah loves beauty to be in every thing. Umar Ibn Al Khattab said also “I like the young man who is sweetly perfumed and cleanly dressed.” Abdullah Ibn Ahmad Ibn Hanbal tells us about his father saying “ I’ve never seen some one who is as caring to the cleanliness of his dress , his hair , his moustache and other undesirable body hair as Ahmad Ibn Hanbal used to do”

              Being in others favor and helping them:

              Concerning this, the poet says:

              Good treatment of the other is the only way of captivating his heart.

              Good treatment you classifies you as an obedient, beloved slave of Allah as the Prophet (peace be upon him) Muhammad says “The more you are in favor of others, the more you are beloved by Allah” as Allah says in the Quran “And spend of your substance in the cause of Allah, and make not your own hands contribute to (your) destruction; but do good; for Allah loveth those who do good” (Al-Baqarah:195)

              The poet says also:

              Be a dear friend to all, whom you know,
              For all, you should be as freshening as iced pure water

              I really wonder for that man who pays money to buy slaves, while he can buy those who are free by being good to them, for those (who treat other well) find many to be in their help.

              Being Generous :

              Offering money is the key for most of the closed doors that hinder you from reaching others hearts, especially in these days.

              Now I will tell you a story about the magic of the merit of generosity.

              In the conquest of Makkah, there was a man called “Safwan Ibn Umia”. That man ran away after making all possible means in keeping the people of Islam and after making conspiracies to kill the Prophet (peace be upon him). Later on, the Prophet (peace be upon him) forgave him and he came back asking the Prophet (peace be upon him) to give him the time of two months to think about Islam and the Prophet (peace be upon him) said “You can take four months, not just two”. In spite of being an atheist, he accompanied the Prophet (peace be upon him) in the Hunain and Al Ta’if conquests. In Al Ta`if, while the Prophet (peace be upon him) was dividing the booties of the war, he noticed that man looking longingly to a vast land in which a large number of cattle were flocking. The Prophet (peace be upon him) asked him “Do you like it?” The man eagerly answered “Yes.” The Prophet (peace be upon him) said “It is for you then.” Safwan said “Only a prophet could behave as generously as you have to me. I believe that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is His prophet.”

              Notice how the Prophet (peace be upon him) found the missing key and succeeded in moving his heart. Some people behave stingily as if they see the ghost of poverty waiting to attack them once they think about being generous in offering money.

              To have a good opinion of others and to give them an excuse :

              Keeping an eye on others behavior is a bad merit that blocks your way to their hearts. On the contrary is to have a good opinion of them. So, try hard to give your brothers the excuse as much as you can. Concerning this merit, Ibn Al Mubarak says also “The believer is he who gives his brothers the excuse , and the hypocrite is he who seeks their slips.”

              Express your feelings… instantly:

              If you loved someone, or felt good feelings about him, don’t wait, just tell him at once. Regarding this, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said “ If you felt the brotherly love of Islam towards any ,you should immediately go and tell him about your feelings.” He added “It is the way relations are to be strongly indicated”. Such love is to be blessed by Allah if it is for Allah’s sake, not for any other personal affairs such as seeking high position, money, fame etc…. Unless this love is for Allah’s sake, it is a fruitless kind of brotherhood then. When they meet each other on the Day of Judgement, they are not brothers any more but enemies, as Allah says in the Quran “ Friends on that Day will be foes, one to another; except the Righteous.” (Az-Zukhruf: 67)

              The Prophet (peace be upon him) says “A man is in the company of whom he loved.” By this he means that on the Day of Judgment, a person will be with whom he loved. So, we have to choose then between two kinds of societies, one is in enmity and the other is a kind brotherly one. Hence, we find that the Prophet (peace be upon him) associated the Makkan immigrants and the Medinan followers as brothers. It was a rare kind of brotherhood that even two brothers were to be buried together in one grave after being martyred in the conquests. Means of brotherhood was always being indicated by the Prophet (peace be upon him) as he says “You are not allowed to enter heaven till you believe in Allah and you will not be true believers unless you love each other. Shall I tell you something to do that indicates love between you? It is to spread salutation of Peace among you.”

              The pity is that people are always either cruelly and harshly treating each other or extremely tender that they adore each other. Actually, it is a matter of striking a balance between heart and mind, something that differs according to the difference of characters and circumstances. It is absolutely a blessing given by Allah.

              Sociability :

              It is the art of being social. Here, a kind of misconception could exist between sociability and hypocrisy. Could you differentiate between the two meanings?

              The Prophet (peace be upon him)’s wife, Aisha said “A man came to visit us, but to my surprise, once the Prophet (peace be upon him) saw him, he said “O…that ill- mannered man”, but the Prophet (peace be upon him) changed completely once he sat with him. He welcomed the man warmly, smiling in his face. When the man left, I asked the Prophet (peace be upon him) about what had surprised me; how he considered this man as being bad, and how he talked to him in such warmth? The Prophet (peace be upon him) answered “Have you ever seen me behaving as a hypocrite?” He added “In the Day of Judgement, the worst degrees are for those whom people deserted for being mistreated by them.”

              Al Qurtubi differentiates between hypocrisy and sociability, regarding sociability as a desirable legal behavior, saying that sociability means sacrificing the worldly affairs for the sake of improving either life on earth or religion, or so as to improve both, while hypocrisy aims at sacrificing religion for the sake of the worldly affairs.

              Hence, being sociable for ill-mannered people is aiming to achieve two purposes:

              Firstly, to avoid being mistreated by them.

              Secondly, being good to them could be guidance for them to step the right way. Compliments should be within worldly affairs only, never in religious affairs, otherwise, it will be a matter of hypocrisy.

              To be sociable, means to be tender, smiling, praising to the other, intending in the meantime a legal benefit. The Prophet (peace be upon him) says “Being sociable, is as alms-giving.” Ibn Battal says also “Sociability is an ethic of the believers; it is to show open-mindedness in treating others and to delicately speak to them. Both are important elements in seeking reasons for intimacy”
              "Closer and closer to mankind comes their Reckoning: yet they heed not and they turn away" (21:1)