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Allah's punishment to America - Hurricane Katrina

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  • Allah's punishment to America - Hurricane Katrina

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    You are quite right. Both the Tsunami and Katrina are but signs for those who believe. Allah (swt) sends us warnings to protect ourselves from evil acts, he reminds us to turn back to him, seek his forgiveness and make amends.

    When the people transgress the divine laws, and continue to do so Allah (swt) sends down an enormous calamity, beyond our wildest expectation. He destroys lands and the people within them. What happend in New Orleans is nothing short than a force majeur an Act of God.

    And it is no difference to what Allah caused with respect to the people of Ad, to those not heeding to the warnings of Noah and to the lands of Sodomy.

    It is at these times we reflect our own shortcomings and turn to the one sustainer, cherisher and the nourisher.

    Lets take note and make amends.
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