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    AIDS. What modern research thinks about HIV/AIDS
    Christine Johnson writes in an easy to understand way about HIV testing. Don't ever take an AIDS test when you are having a flu. There are many diseases that can contribute to a false positive result in an AIDS test.
    John Lauritsen has written about AIDS and he is giving references to plenty of books
    Aluminum in Medicines. Easier to dissolve in water, (same as many instant drinks like coffee, cocoa)
    Alternative medicine Ref 123
    Vitamins, herbs, minerals and oils cannot be patented. Therefore not interesting to the Drug cartel to make expensive research on this kind of medicine without extracting only parts of it. Ref 12
    International trend to try to forbid or making it difficult to buy simple vitamins and supplements. Germany, Norway, Jamaica, Spain already badly affected.
    What many don't realize is that the alternative medicine is the absolutely best and cheapest medicine in a majority of cases. If not by itself so at least in order to keep the patient away from orthodox medicines, not so much to keep patients away from many well meaning knowledgeable orthodox doctors who cannot dream that there is a conspiracy in the drug cartel. Ref 1234 567
    FDA wants to forbid spreading of clear easily understood information about the positive effect of vitamins.
    Vitamin Wars
    AMA Ref 1
    AntibioticsRef 1
    Overuse and Over prescribing
    Antibiotics is also reducing the body's uptake of Biotin, Inositol, Vitamin C and production of Vitamin K
    More and more bacteriaresistant
    Childhood developmental problems - ranging from autism to speech difficulties - may be caused by overuse of antibiotics according to one article
    Cancer (There are a few Hidden and provencuressince many years, don't stop reading!)Ref 12
    See a more updated and more detailed separate fact sheet about Cancer
    Start eating seeds and sprouts. Almost all seeds have vitamin B17 which works together with Vitamin A, C and other vitamins and enzymes to make a powerful, cheap, painless cancer treatment Ref 123
    Be sure to contact the Gerson Institute even if you are not in doubt about vitamin B17 before you start Chemotherapy or other established treatments.
    If you suspect cancer go to any doctor at once, don't wait. But as soon as you can start studying about the efficiency of different treatments. Like how many years survival rate, how many % are alive after 5 years etc. If you cannot get satisfactory answers on these questions or if the prognosis is slim, consider alternative treatments. Especially the treatment from the Gerson Institute. They send free brochures all over the world. It is a non profit organization. The most expensive part of their treatment might be a juice machine. (Okay, it costs a few thousand dollars and is a Rolls Royce of juicers since it does not destroy the nutrition, minerals, oils, vitamins in fruits and vegetables)
    Muslims know there is a special seed that can cure all diseases that are coming from Allah, but death, according to Hadith. It makes sense. Especially after reading about vitamin B17. If we are Muslims we should not mistrust sahih hadith.
    Unnecessary, costly, painful and harmful treatments with Chemotherapy in some cases at least. Ref 12
    FDA wants to forbid information about how to reduce suffering for Cancer patients
    Unnecessary, costly and harmful treatments with Radiation according to some texts. Ref 12
    FDA wants to forbid easily understood information about the positive effects of selenium on cancer mortality
    Somebody speaks out about the dishonesty in medicine. The cancer drug Tamoxifen causing cancer etc.
    Tribes like Hunza, Eskimos, Abkhasians in Caucasus, Indian tribes are completely without cancer decade after decade thanks to their clean water and healthy diet consisting of food rich in Laetrile = Amygdaline = B17 as well as other vitamins, minerals. Ref 1
    Cholesterol Low credibility of the Cholesterol theory Ref 1
    The real reason behind cholesterol is according to one message eating refined sugar, refined bread, refined carbohydrates in pasta, refined sugar in cereals and hydrogenated vegetable fats. But if you read about the Zone diet I think you will hit the real truth. Cholesterol is from all kinds of Carbohydrates, also from Brown Rice, Whole meal bread, potatoes and Spaghetti etc. Reduce all kinds of Carbohydrates and eat more Protein and enough of Fat. Counting Calories is almost useless. You can eat the double amount of calories if you eat some nice juicy fat dripping steaks instead of rice, bread, spaghetti, potatoes etc. See the ZONE diet
    Corruption in American Medicine Ref 123
    Defamation. Keeping very successful methods in alternative medicine secret and make seem ridiculous, almost defame, the doctors in alternative medicine. Cure impossible says established doctors. However if you read alternative medicine you can find lots and lots of cures. Not fast perhaps but real cures. And according to hadith there is a cure against everything but death or old age.
    Alternative medicine forbidden to promote during working hours. Forbidding doctors and nurses to promote diet, vitamins, herbs, minerals, oils, enzymes = alternative medicine during working hours.
    Arteriosclerosis can be cured Ref 12
    Chronic Fatigue Ref 123
    Diabetescan be cured Ref 1
    Healing 8 out of 10 top killer diseases, Heart, Cancer, Stroke, Adverse drug reactions, Lung, Pneumonia, Influenza, Diabetes and HIV/AIDS
    Healing Modern diseases like CFG, Candidiasis, Herpes, Lyme Disease, Salmonella, Legionnaires Disease, AIDS
    Hepatitis C patients die unnecessarily
    Health menu with some alternative medicine against many common diseasesFrom the Health menu you can reach a MS Excel Spreadsheet with over a thousand symptoms and some alternative remedies
    Heart Attacks, Stroke can be avoided Ref 1
    Hypothyroidism very common, perhaps 40% and can be discovered in simple tests without costs and cured to a very low cost. Blood tests not reliable Ref 12
    Prostate problems cure. FDA prohibits manufacturers from making any medical claims of the herb Saw Palmetto against benign prostate hypertrophy although positive effects are shown within 4 to 6 weeks in nearly 90% of patients in double blind tests.
    Dirty Politics in Medicine
    Diseases spread on purpose to soldiers. (Gulf War Syndrome)
    Aspartame. During the Gulf War, Diet Coke was given to Soldiers, but the poisonous ingredients including Methanol began to taste bad in the Diet Coke since the ingredients separate in temperatures around 37 degrees Centigrade. The conspirators had probably not foreseen that many Coke cans would be heated up to body temperature even before it reached the stomach.
    Bacteria. Some serious symptoms of Gulf war Syndrome linked to Brucellosis Bacteria giving different serious symptoms in different people
    Depleted Uranium in Ammunition. For people living in the war area it can give horrendous birth defects long time afterwards. And for soldiers who had to be in the active war area it can mean a prolonged fight against death long time after the war.
    Drinking water at US Military bases Fluoridated already around 40 years ago
    Drugs. The danger of many modern drugsRef 12
    Earn money on medical (and dental care).
    FDA Ref 1
    Additives. FDA have accepted around 10,000 food additives and certified by FDA as safe.
    Aspartame. FDA not reacting in spite of that 70-85% of all consumers complaints on food additives are on Aspartame
    Baby Food. FDA approves of genetically modified food in baby foodaccording to Greenpeace
    Cancer. FDA wants to forbid information about how to reduce suffering for Cancer patients
    Helpful Information. FDA wants to forbid spreading of clear easily understood information about the positive effect of Vitamins.
    Labels on Milk. FDA and Monsanto wants to prevent labeling of RGBH produced milk
    Margarine. FDA does nothing about the fact that US Hydrogenated Margarine may contain 30-50% trans fatty acids while other countries have limited the allowed contents of trans fatty acids to 0.1%. Perhaps this is changed now in later years when it becomes widely known to also others than FDA.
    Menieres disease. FDA does not approve of the medicine Betahistine = SERC which is a wonder medicine for the most common form of Menieres disease.
    Prostate problems cure. FDA prohibits manufacturers from making any medical claims of the herb Saw Palmetto against benign prostate hypertrophy although positive effects are shown within 4 to 6 weeks in nearly 90% of patients in double blind tests.
    Ritalin. Ritalin is a Narcotic from the Cocaine family that is given as a standard medicine to school children in USA with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) problems. ADD is most probably caused by poor food without enough of Omega 3, DHA, vitamins and minerals for the brain in combination with food additives like Colorings, Aspartame and MSG etc. FDA does not take seriously findings about Ritalin causing cancer in some animals.
    Selenium. FDA wants to forbid easily understood information about the positive effects of Selenium on cancer mortality
    Stevia. FDA trying to Force Texas company to burn its books on Stevia (as you might understand they probably want people to eat Aspartame instead and they don't want the chapter about FDA to leak out)
    Female Hormone Treatment (HRT) Hoax
    Fluoride in medicines. What on earth does Fluoride which is a poison got to do within a medicine (like Prozac)?
    Halothane. A popular hospital anesthetic "Halothane" contains Fluorine, Chlorine and Bromine, (approximately page 1)
    Fluorinated Valium, "Roofs", "Date rape" (Rohypnol) is 20-30 times stronger than normal Valium
    Make people weaker and more sick so they are unable to give enough resistance physically and mentally. Unbelievable? But you have not checked my references yet, have you? You must spend a few weeks or months reading this before you can believe. Some parts, like Vaccinations, might take two months before you believe in even if you know there is a widespread dishonesty in other parts. Ref 123
    Medical Monopoly, Rockefeller, IG Farben. Ref 123456
    Nearly Half of US population has at least one Chronic Illness. "Doctors" cause 70% of all US deaths according to an article in Prophezine.
    New definitions of diseases.
    If new medical diagnostic definitions would be introduced for four major diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and overweight, 75% of all Americans would be classified as having a disease. By changing definitions more people feel they have to use Western medicines with all their side effects (page up and page down in Medicine catalogs, for everyone to see if they want).
    Not tested after all. Many treatments have never been subject to controlled medical tests Ref 12
    Osteoporosis Hoax
    Public Health Insurance promotes waste of government funds and steers the public into the belief that the most expensive is the only viable alternative. Only if people have to make their own decisions about costs compared to efficiency, they will discover that the alternative medicine probably is the best medicine in a majority of all cases.
    Reduce population. Less to control. Ref 1
    Symptoms. Concentrating on the symptoms instead of the real reason for people being sick.
    Strike. Why does mortality always (when not war) go down when orthodox doctors go on strike? Ref 1
    Symptoms from Common poisons in food, water, toys, teeth, medicine and in the environment
    Tests. Often expensive inefficient testsRef 12
    Toxicity's from local anesthetics
    VaccinationsRef 12345
    Have you ever read a book about vaccinations? Almost any book that you can get hold of about vaccinations is extremely strongly against vaccinations. Especially those written by doctors. Is this a coincidence? I don't think so. But I am not a doctor. Just a heavy reader. And I know doctors don't have time to read. And if they do and realize the truth and spread their knowledge it is perhaps good bye to their income and status. Who can blame them. That is not our job to blame doctors, that would perhaps be backbiting or slander. Doctors are most often honest. At least those I have met, as far as I know.
    Vaccinations can cause over 50 symptoms + the disease it is supposed to protect against.
    Almost every book is against vaccinations and almost every brochure is for vaccinations
    Polio up 700% only in states with compulsory vaccinations
    Parents sometimes accused or even convicted to having killed their own babies by shaking them to death, while in reality the real cause has been vaccinations, Hep B, DPT, Polio and/or HiB
    Measles,the Facts. Vaccinations given when the death rate was already almost nonexistent. Measles have increased 423% since vaccinations were introduced. 80-95% have been vaccinated of the Measles cases. According to WHO the people who have been vaccinated against Measles are 14 times more likely to contract the disease than those who have not vaccinated themselves.
    Vaccinations are not always mandatory. If you have problem with your doctor or authorities take a copy of a few pages from Murder by Injection or almost any other book about vaccinations and show it to them.
    The web site takes up much of the same as another article previously reported about What modern research thinks about HIV/AIDS.In other words AIDS is not caused by a retrovirus. The real causes is more towards drugs abuse and other kinds of unhealthy living with less sleep, not enough nutrition, often other sexually transmitted diseases from many partners, drinking, cigarettes etc. Since Polio probably is not caused by virus either and perhaps some other diseases are also not caused by virus it might be easier to abstain from vaccinations for those who know.
    See a more often updated separate fact sheet about Vaccinations that has much more details
    Vitamin B15 ("Canned Oxygen") Ref 1
    Used by sports athletes in the Communist countries and by Olympic Australian swimmers since it gives extra energy Ref 1
    What to do:
    Healthy Life. A Survival DietRef 123
    Health menu with some alternative medicine
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